Friday, 14 December 2007

The Movement

Butch Hughes has kindly been in touch to provide some more information on The Movement. Read it here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Bobby & Dave - Hat on Tie

Bobby & Dave - Hat on Tie (Tonorous 018. 1966)

Out of Chicago and featuring backing from The Royal Flairs ("Suicide"). A very cool moody number. The flip "My Baby Cries" is a great frat stomper

The Book - Where She's Gone

The Book - Where She's Gone (Murco 1041. 1968)

A great downbeat tune out of El Dorado, Arkansas. They released a second "You Ask Me/It's Gotta Be Love (Peermont 1051), which is more in the late 60s rock style.

Royal Family - I Told A Lie

Royal Family - I Told A Lie (Apex 76971. 1965)

Out of Edmonton, Canada. Top side is the sloppy garage poppper "You Don't Even Want To Know". They also cut the cool punker Solitude.

By Passers - Sue

By Passers - Sue (Sound. 5-177)

I read in the latest Misty Lane that Bob Cohen of The Rising Storm chose 'To L.N./Who Doesn't Know' as a song title as he didn't want it to always be associated with Ellen. I wonder how the guy from the By Passers feels about Sue 40 years later....A simple doomy lament to lost love, with a guitar break that even I could play.

Tresa Leigh - Until Then

Tresa Leigh - Until Then (Lyndell LR-006)

Boy loses a girl, boys weeps over lost love, its a classic garage tale. It's not very often you get a moody track from the girls. From somewhere out of Pennsylvania. Very cool.

Dusty Greyrock - Tears In My Heart

Dusty Greyrock - Tears In My Heart (RCA 47-9640. 1968)

Perhaps too upbeat for a moody number? Still, Dusty isn't a happy chap. Flip is the bubblegummy 'Clap Your Hands'.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Larry Marks

...has checked in. Read the update here

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Zephyrs - She Lost You / There's Something About You

Zephyrs - She Lost You / There's Something About You (Rotate 006. 1965)

Here's a US release from a cool UK beat band. The Zephyrs had 6 singles on Decca and Columbia in the UK, and featured Jimmy Page on a couple of their earlier sides. Both sides of this cool 45 were produced by Shel Talmy. Despite the involvement of the heavyweights this was their biggest 'hit', reaching No.48 in the UK charts.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Spike Drivers - Baby Won't You Let Me / High Time

Spike Drivers - Baby Won't You Let Me / High Time (Reprise 535. 1966)

For some reason the "Folkrocking psychedelic innovation..." comp didn't include the 45 versions of these two cool psychedelic folk rockers from this great SF/Detriot band. So here they are, from a New Zealand issue. It's amazing where some of these things crop up!

The Forsaken

The Forsaken record two 45s for MTA, mixing up pop and beat. Here's two of the better tracks.
Babe is a cool moody number, while Gotta Get Movin' is more in the garage pop mould. The other two tracks She's Alright (top side of Babe) and Frantic (top side of Gotta Get Movin') are more pop orientated. GarageHangover guesses these guys as being from NY.

Babe (MTA 106. 1966)

Flip "She's Alright"

Gotta Get Movin' (MTA 111. 1966)

Flip is "Frantic"

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Powers of Blue

Powers of Blue - Flip Out (MTA 5002. 1967)

Continuing the exploito theme.....

The Purple Fox

Purple Fox - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Stereo Gold Award MER 340. 1971)

The Purple Fox recorded a rather laughable 'tribute' to Hendrix in 1971. While the cover versions might well have you squirming in your seat the non-Hendrix cuts are, well...better. They have their moments and I quite enjoy them.

Monday, 19 November 2007

The Raggamuffins - Four Days Of Rain

The Raggamuffins - Four Days Of Rain (Seville 141. 1967)

This is the debut 45 by New Bedford's Raggamuffins (you can hear the follow up here). I can't get enough of this 45. I've owned it for years and it still amazes me on every listen. Why wasn't this a hit? Why didn't Richie Unterberger dedicate a chapter to this song in one of his folk-rock books? I love this song.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck - Times Are Changing / One Ring Jane

Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck - Times Are Changing / One Ring Jane (Capitol 2707. 1969)

From Vancouver MTYD were one of the best Canadian psych bands. As good as any of the SF bands, you've got wonder if they had relocated to the Bay area would they have been much bigger than they were.

Stars and Stripes - Listen / Your Love No More

Stars and Stripes - Listen / Your Love No More (Starshine 7058. 1970)

Here's some great heavy psych out of Ohio.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Terry Brandon/Rikki Henderson & The Beatmen

Terry Brandon & The Beatmen - Don't Bring Me Down (Embassy 662. 1964)

Terry & The Beatmen give the Pretties a run for their money. A great 45 and one the best Embassy covers I've come across. I have no idea who Terry Brandon was, but assume he was one of the many professional singers on the roster, many of whom came from out of the big-band era. Most of the back-up 'bands' on Embassy consisted of whoever was available to play on the recording date. By the sounds of it The Beatmen could have consisted on some well known names, anybody know?

Rikki Henderson & The Beatmen - Ain't That Lovin' You Baby

The Beatmen crop up again on the flipside, this time backing up Rikki Henderson. Rikki was a vocalist with the Denny Boyce Orchestra and won a recording contract with Embassy after entering a talen contest run by teen mag Mirabelle. He became one of the labels more prolifice artists between 1957 and 1964. As with Terry Brandon, Rikki clearly comes from a different era to the RnB guys of the day, but once again The Beatmen save the day with some cool guitar.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Crystal Garden - Flash/Peach Fuzz Forest

Crystal Garden - Flash/Peach Fuzz Forest (Bay Town BT012. 1968)

Here's one I should have posted a long time ago! Better late than never....

Out of San Leandro in the East Bay area of San Francisco, this psych band started out playing the local high schools and battle of the bands before moving onto support slots at the bigger venues in the bay area, including the Fillmore.

They recorded this, their only 45, for the small Bay Town label in Hayward, CA. (who also released gems by the Cave Dwellers and the Soultons). Presumibly taking the song title from the line in Dave Diamond and The Higher Elevation's 'The Diamond Mine', this is an excellent fuzzed up wah wah psych with a cool jazzy break. The b-side is slightly more reserved, but cool none the less.

The band split shortly after playing Oregons bizzare state-sponsored Vortex I festival in 1970.

For more info on the Crystal Garden and other East Bay garage bands pick up a copy of Bruce Tahsler’s excellent "The San Francisco East Bay Scene: Garage Bands From the 60’s Then and Now". You can order a copy direct from Bruce here.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

This Side Up - Book A Trip

This Side Up - Book A Trip (Capitol 2129. 1968)

Another 45 with a tantalisingly lysergic title, but it isn’t so. This is a superb upbeat pop 45 from the same Birmingham, Alabama bunch that recorded the cool punker "Why Can't I Dream".

Must be the last dregs of summer sunshine that’s causing me to dig out these summer sounds. Winter is closing in fast........bah

Staccatos - Whisper Words

Staccatos - Whisper Words (Capitol 72497. 1967)

The Staccatos were a successful Candian chart band who later morphed into The Five Man Electrical Band. They cut a couple of garage tracks, before moving into the pop world. This is a nice groovy sunshine pop effort.

Scotty Mckay - Salty Water Man

Scotty Mckay - Salty Water Man (Atco Pompeii 66692)

Dallas's Max Lipscomb (aka Scotty McKay) had a long and varied recording career, having played with Gene Vincent's Blue caps and releasing several 60s punk classics including Train Kept A Rollin' & All Around The World.

He mellowed somewhat as the 60s rolled on and released some great folk pop & country tinged 45, including High on Life for Uni and this 45 for Pompeii.

Groop - Jet Song

Groop - Jet Song (Bell 822. 1969)

Not the Melborne band as I previously stated....This is the LA bunch that also featured on the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. Sundazed have just reissued their sole LP on CD, which I've yet to hear. If it's anything like this superb piece of sunshine pop then it will be well worth investigating!

Dirty Shames - Blown Your Mind

Dirty Shames - Blown Your Mind (Philips 40474. 1967)

The Dirty Shames were from Montana and cut a couple of folk pop 45's, including a cover of Cocunut Grove. This isn't a LSD freakout, but a cool catchy upbeat folkpop number.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Travel Agency - Time

Travel Agency - Time (Kookaburra 502. 1967)

The Travel Agency story is a complicated one. What is known is they are from California, formed in San Francisco and featured Frank Davis who had previously worked in the studio with the Fever Tree in Texas. They then appear to have relocated to Los Angeles and released two excellent 45s on LA labels Tanqueray ("Time/Made For You". 1966) & Kookaburra ("Time/Emit". 1967). Both of these are excellent folk-rock 45s with Time being the same version on both 45s.

The confusion then begins as "Made For You/MFY" was also issued on Kookabura, credited the Act III. I havn't heard this 45 but I understand it's the same version, and I assume the b-side is an instrumental version. Perhaps someone can clarify this?

A self-titled LP, produced by Bread's James Griffin, was released on LA's Viva Records in 1968. This was followed by a final Viva 45 ("What's A Man/She Understands") in 1969. Both tracks were different edits to the LP versions. The assumption is that this LP is the same band that recorded the earlier 45s, however hasn't been confirmed.

Both pre-LP 45s are very cool and highly infectious West Coast folk-rock tracks including the Kookaburra track here, "Time". Emit is an instrumental version of the top side.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Misfits - Skiiing Time

Misfits - Skiiing Time (Sound Stage7 2538. 1964)

It's not quite time to 'put away your surfing gear', altough this year has been the worst I can remember for waves in the UK, and the surfing gear has barely been out of the garage....From the (very) short lived "skiiing craze"(?!) that spawned The Moguls 'Ski Bum' and the film Wild Wild Winter.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Sir Walter Raleigh - If You Need Me

Sir Walter Raleigh - If You Need Me (Tower 156. 1965)

From Seattle, and featuring Dewey Martin and "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow.

Sir Raleigh & the Cupons released the punker "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day" on Jerden in 1965. This was followed by two released on A&M "White Cliffs Of Dover" & "While I Wait". After a move to LA, they signed with Tower and released this Mersey influenced 45 as Sir Walter Raleigh. There was one final 45 on Tower, but by this point Martin (Sir Walter) had sacked the original line-up.

After the band split Martin of course went on to drum with the Springfield, while Kleinow joined the Burritos.

Leaping Ferns - It Never Works Out For Me

Leaping Ferns - It Never Works Out For Me (Xpanded 103. 1965)

The Chantays will always be known for their massive hit, Pipeline. As the surf boom died out the band recorded a number of garage and folk-rock tracks. They chose not to issue these under the Chantays name, probably due to name being so closely associated to the surf scene.

The band released two very cool Folk-Rock 45s on Reprise ("So Be On Your Way/Fear Of The Rain" and "I Idolize You/A Letter") as the Ill Winds, as well as this garage 45 under the Leaping Ferns pseudonym. The band didn't revert back to their old moniker and after the Ill Winds 45s the 60s incarnation of the band called it a day.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Bossmen - On The Road

Bossmen - On The Road (Lucky Eleven 231. 1966)

Another Michigan 45 here, this time I'm certain they were from the area. From Flint, Michigan infact.

Featuring Dick Wagner who would later write and produce for Terry Knight & The Pack, amongst others and play with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper in the 70s.

The Bossmen were prolific putting out 7 x 45s, mixing up punk, pop, beat and ballads.

Travelers - Brimstone and Fire

Travelers - Brimstone and Fire (Trash 127)

Garage with flute, not what you might think is a winning combination, but I really dig this 45. On the Trash label out of Detriot. I assume the band were also from the Michigan area.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Nobody - Painted Dreams

Nobody - Painted Dreams (Commerce 100)

A bouncy number, probably out of California. Plenty of ba-ba-ba's on this one!

Cellar - Think About Now

Cellar - Think About Now (Monica 6591. 1969)

Here's some cool West Coast style psych rock from Philadelphia.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Patriots

The Patriots page has been updated to include the story of the band, as kindly told by band member Doug & Russ. Also includes some band pictures.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Chartbusters - She's The One / Slipping Thru Your Fingers

Chartbusters - She's The One / Slipping Thru Your Fingers (Mutual 5O2. 1964)

This is a pretty common 45. Don't pass it up because its a cheapy, it's a fantastic slab of beat pop.

Joey Covington - I'll Do Better Next Time

Joey Covington - I'll Do Better Next Time (Original Sound 74. 1967)
Great storming Kim Fowley produced instrumental from future JA/Hot Tuna drummer.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Boston Tea Party - Is It Love? / Don't Leave Me Alone

Boston Tea Party - Is It Love? / Don't Leave Me Alone (Fona 311. 1967)

Californian band best known for their cover of the Monkees 'Words'.

This 45 was the follow up and both sides are non-LP. This is a great upbeat number and Don't Leave Me Alone features an excellent, if short, guitar break.

Beloved - From One To Another / Sing To Be Free

Beloved - From One To Another / Sing To Be Free (GWS TRP-GA 73)

Here's a nice rock tune, backed with an jaunty sing-a-long type number which isnt as bad as that may sound!

Movement - Combination of the Two

Movement - Combination of the Two (Century 34180. 1969)
Butch Hughes recently got in touch to provide a bit more information about The Movement:

The band consisted of Butch Hughes (Guitar), Carl Nowak (Vocals), Louie Faraci (Drums) and Bill Duffy (Bass).

They were from the Western New York area and were quite popular locally, opening for The Zombies, 1910 Fuitgum Co. and Chicago Transit Authority at The Phycus in BUffalo, NY. They also shared the bill with The Road, who were riding high with their cover of "She's Not There" on Kama Sutra. They also made a few local TV appearances, which unfortunately have long since disappeared.

The band performed all through the Western New York area, as well as excursions into Canada. During one gig in Buffalo the local owner of Century Records heard the band perform and suggested they record for the label. He lined up a recording session in Century’s Studios in Buffalo (on a Sunday), which resulted in the Big Brother cover "Combination Of The Two" and the original "Riding On A Sunday".

As with so many bands of the era The Movement broke up due to members serving their time in Vietnam. A re-grouped Movement (featuring only Butch Hughes from the original line-up) put out another 45, "Happy No More" and "Left Silently" for Movement Sounds in 1970. The singer was an Australian who was at the time studying at the University of Buffalo. The band lasted around 6 months and then The Movement were no more. 'Left Silenty' can be heard on Wyld Sides #1. 'Happy No More' remains uncomped and I've yet to hear it.

Butch continues to play with The CRS Band.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Camel Drivers - You Made A Believer Of Me

Camel Drivers - You Made A Believer Of Me (Top Dog 200. 1967)

Here's a song that would have been quite ordinairy if it wasn't for the scorching fuzz guitar that runs through it.
From Olivet, Michigan.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Ariel - Bitchy Little Children / California

Ariel - Bitchy Little Children / California (Twin 2749)

Here's a couple of folk-rock 45s on Twin Records, out of Florida.

Jon Agee - August 1968 / Kelsey

Jon Agee - August 1968 / Kelsey (Twin 23)

This one has a certain Phil Ochs vibe to it.

No clue who Jon was, and if he recorded any further 45s or LP's

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Jesse Lee Kincaid - Bass Drum Henry / Baby You Come Rolling Across My Mind

Jesse Lee Kincaid - Bass Drum Henry / Baby You Come Rolling Across My Mind (Capitol. 5906)

Here's the original version of the song better known by the Peppermint Trolley Company cover version.

Ex-Rising Son Jesse also released another cool 45 "Floatin'" on Fontana in 1968.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Beauchemins - My Lovin' Baby

Beauchemins - My Lovin' Baby (Mustang 3015. 1966)

Folk rock and jangle from these Sunset Strip regulars. Lead singer Paul Marshall went on to join 'Good Morning Starshine' era Straberry Alarmclock.

Shags - Tell Me

Shags - Tell Me (Kayden 407. 1967)

Here's a great fuzzed out number from the "Breathe In My Ear" Guys.

Coastliners - Alright

Coastliners - Alright (Backbeat 554. 1965)

From Houston, Texas. "Alright" is a superb upbeat garage number.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Cliches - Why, Why, Why

Cliches - Why, Why, Why (Wes Mar 1020. 1966)

Cool moody folk-punk from Ohio.

Brother Nigel's Proxy Party - Look At The Floor

Brother Nigel's Proxy Party - Look At The Floor (Fantasy. 1969)

Band member Bob Liepman kindly got in touch to share some recollections about his time in the band

Bob graduated high school in 1967 just as Sgt. Pepper came out. His brother was studying at Berkeley at the time and he hitched rides with him to see bands at the Hullabaloo on the Sunset Strip. He later went on to cruising LA and the Strip catching all the major bands at the time, with The Yellow Payges being a particular favourite.

Despite being a trained cellist Bob hooked up with a local garage band. Using his sisters acoustic guitar he was soon playing along and singing lead. The band started out with covers of Motown, Creedence and British Invasion bands and eventually evolved into Brother Nigel's Proxy Party.

The band hit the Sunset Strip and soon were house band at Gazzari's on the Strip, billed as Brother Nigel's Proxy Party, The Berries and Band of Angels. This residency lasted for over two years. During this time the band also played a gig at a Palm Springs High School reunion, where one of Del Shannons band heard them play. On their return to LA Del checked the band out, but soon after his career took off again and nothing came of the meeting.

Fantasy was a Jazz label who had suddenly found themselves high in the charts with a CCR. The label were on the look for more bands to ride the coat tails of CCR in the new rock market and picked up Brother Nigel's for a one off 45 deal. 'Look At The Floor' reached #40 in Stockton, CA and was picked up as the theme tune to an underground FM Show, but Fantasy were stretched to the limit with Creedence had little time to dedicate to it's other artists and the record stalled.

The band continued to gig, with Bob recreating the cello parts onstage by tuning his Les Paul Jr to mandocello tuning (up a 5th, technically an octave mandolin). The band made some home and live recordings but failed to undertake anymore studio sessions. A fire in a club the band were playing destroyed all their equipment and instruments, and despite valiantly carrying on with borrowed equipment they soon called it a day.

Bob went on to join Venice band The Canaligators, who performed "foot-stompin' boogie music" and were a popular live draw, regularly playing during Mardis Gras. They were also the only unsigned band to appear on the Midnight Special TV show.

Bob continues to perform and record as 'Bob and Wendy'. Lead singer Grayson Wray is still involved in music in LA.

Ken Stella - Hey, Hey Where You Goin'?

Ken Stella - Hey, Hey Where You Goin'? (Decca 732486. 1969)

Ken knocks out a cool mover with a Bo Diddley beat.

Flip "I Wanna Spend My Whole Life Loving You" is an upbeat pop number.

Monday, 3 September 2007

The Flock

Before they signed with CBS and the horn rot set in The Flock knocked out a couple of good garage 45s for Destination, including the excellent "Got To Hold On To My Mind" and the cool "I Like You/Are you The Kind" double sided folk rocker.

Unfortunately their last 45 in Destination "Take Me Back/Each Day Is A Lonely Night" points towards the direction they were heading in.

Are You The Kind / I Like You (Destination 631. 1966)

Can't You See / Hold On To My Mind (Destination 628. 1966)

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thee Midniters - Whittier Blvd.

Thee Midniters - Whittier Blvd.(Chattahoochie 684. 1965)

I've just started reading the Excellent "Riot On Sunset Strip" by Domenic Priore so let's have a couple of LA bands today.

Out of LA's East Side, Thee Midniters should need no introduction.

Based around The Stones '2120 South Michigan Avenue' and singing the praises of the East Side car cruising spot, this was a minor hit in '65. Why arn't there songs as cool as this in the charts these day!

Ambertones - Clap Your Hands / Cruise

Ambertones - Clap Your Hands / Cruise (Newman 601. 1965)

The Ambertones were also part of LA's East Side scene, which consited mainly of Hispanic bands. "Clap You Hands" is a great frantic number, while mainly instrumental b-side smokes along nicely.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Help - Keep In Touch / Run Away

Help - Keep In Touch / Run Away (Decca 32783. 1971)

Another good rock number, with a touch of psych. Help were a christian band that featured Chet McCracken who later went on to drum for the Doobie Brothers. They cut a couple of LP's, but I've yet to hear them.