Thursday, 31 May 2007

Blue Marble Faun - Going Home

Blue Marble Faun - Going Home (Look 5015)

Last post of today is this excellent folk rock 45 from the same band who recorded the Blue Monday/Open Your Eyes 45, also on Look.

According to the label Look were based in Nashville and a subsidiary of Starday, but this is far from Stardays' usual Country and Rockabilly, this has a pure West Coast Vibe.


Anonymous said...

I think all 5 tracks are uncomped.... great find! thanks a lot!

Michael Vee

pfft said...

Any chance of hearing "Battle Is Over"? I like sombre :)

Anonymous said...

Great tracks from a great group

Anonymous said...

I remember this group from 1969. I believe that at least one of the members..maybe more...attended the University of Albuquerque. Any chance of getting both sides on YouTube?