Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Los 5 Del Este

Hidden amongst the polka and folk records in the local charity shop were these two cool mod-beat EP's from Spain. I guess the same person must have unloaded the whole lot. They probably picked them up as a souvenier of their trip to spain in the mid-sixties. I wonder if the original owner caught the band live in a Spanish club and picked this vinyl up as a reminder!

From what I gather Los 5 Del Este were quite active releasing a number of 45's, including a take on "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" and at least one LP. I havn't heard much more of their output, but I understand it was a bit hit and miss.


pfft said...

Good stuff!
Do you have the catalogue numbers for the 2 EP's (they're kinda hard to read on the sleeve shots)?


RP said...

Here you go....

1) "S/T" EP = DSOE 16.681 (Odean)
2) "El Quando" EP = SEDL 19.455 (Regal)