Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Noel - Hey Yesterday / Come On Rain

Noel - Hey Yesterday / Come On Rain (Tower 506. 1969)

Noel has been in touch and kindly given some info on his Tower 45s.

I am Noel Odom. I didn’t know that they pressed those 2 on 45’s!!!! We did all the recording at both Sam Phillips and Sun studios in Memphis.

On “Hey Yesterday Where’s My Mind” I played acoustic on the rhythm track and we did it over and over!!! I can remember how bad my fingers hurt on that song.

Best line in the song- “I’ve seen thunder, I’ve heard lightning”!!!!

“Come on Rain” was a song I really liked- good upbeat. We did some things on that session that were ahead of its time- like feedback guitar, etc.

The Group was our band, they put me out front because I did most of the lead singing.

Come on Down to Earth was on rate a record on American Bandstand and won against a little known song called "Leavin' on a Jet Plane"!!!

Side note- our A&R man in the studio was Allen Reynolds a VP at a local bank- later he went to Nashville ended up Garth Brooks producer among others!!

I am still playing- I formed a local band in Shreveport La- “The Convertibles” we have been together 21 years playing Classic and Roots rock. You can check us out on “mySpace “ search “The Convertibles. It is truly amazing how much of this is out there.

I had a friend how had me a T shirt Made that said “I’m Big in Europe” and there is some truth to that.


Anonymous said...

This is a greta site ,
Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Hey Yesterday is on the Susan Christie CD as well - any connection between her & Noel I wonder?


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