Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Randy Johnson - Fly Superman Fly

Randy Johnson - Fly Superman Fly (Davy Jones Presents 6662. 1967)
Released on Davy Jones' vanity label (plenty or people name their record labels after themselves, but to put your own face on the label?!).

Who know's what the Monkees' teenybopper fans made of this snotty 45! Randy also released an LP (The Gift Of Randy Johnson). I've yet to hear it, but I understand it's more in the pop-psych mould.

Flip side is "Have You Been Dreaming".


djkit dj fanis said...

very trippy tune!!!i am flying with the MAN

art said...

Great tune...and as far as putting your face on the label, it worked for James Brown! I never even knew Davy had his own label...this site is a goldmine for cool information!

Sacha Di Manolo said...

You are right the LP is in a more psyché pop mood .. but in a good way,a really good way.
At least 4 other tracks that deserves a hear,and another listenning after another, it's still fresh and blowing your head

Bernar't said...

I've post two songs of the lp on my cat's blog