Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Valiants

The Valiants - EP (Philips 437833)

Here's some moody looking fellas from Malacca, Malaysia. All except for the guy in the middle, that's John K. Couzens from Bristol. John was in the army and posted to Asia, where he hooked up with the band.

The Valiants were an instrumental band until John arrived and added vocals, morphing them from indo-rock to British beat. He wrote all the material on this EP, although the band still sneak in some twangs from their instro days.

John's wife was called Elaine and from Australia. He moved to Perth in the late 60s and formed Stonewall Jackson's Virginia Volunteers.


Anonymous said...

Rare item. Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

absolutely rare indeed, I wonder 'bout the other 2 tracks of the EP....

Thanks a lot!
Michael Vee

RP said...

The other two tracks arn't as interesting unfortunately! Pretty ordinairy harmony pop.


Anonymous said...

Rare and great stuff, especially "Running Wild", should've been an instant garage comp classic!


djkit dj fanis said...

very nice tunes!!! rare and unique!!! the blogsphear is very lacky to have you

Gerry said...

John Couzens looks like the singer in our rock band here in Perth around 1969/69. Does anyone know where John is at present?
How do I get to hear the music on the EP?

RP said...

Hey Gerry,

Sounds interesting, please tell us some more about the band!