Thursday, 14 June 2007

Bees - Leave Me Be / She's An Artist

Bees - Leave Me Be / She's An Artist (Mirwood 5003. 1965)

A classic LA folk-rocking 45.

The band released another cool follow up on Mira "Forget Me Girl/Baby Let Me Follow You Down" before going their seperate ways. The Bees were a talented bunch and included future members of W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band, Factory and The Byrds.

There is some excellent footage of The Bees on Hollywood A Go-Go, looking pure sunset strip cool while they run through "Mimi's Song", "She Belongs To Me" and "Leave Me Be".


Anonymous said...

whooopee, thanks for all your outstanding sounds and info and pics, really appreciate this as a collector,

Jeanpop2 said...


thanks for everything, I'll play some of these ones on my radio show...

RP said...

I don't read French, but you have some cool pictures on your site jeanpop2!