Thursday, 14 June 2007

Bill Hjerpe

Ok, so no Dylan cover version here but Hjerpe was Epic's attempt at the '65 'Dylan sound' (not unlike Decca's Billy Batson). "Navigation Blues" was hyped up by Epic, even being issued in a picture sleeve with Bill giving his best Dylan pose, and was a minor hit in Florida. The follow up "Mrs Frost" had less of a Dylan influence, although "Behind The Times" is a nice piano rocker.

Apparently there was an Bill Hjerpe LP, "Not For Sale", although I wonder if this was ever released. Bill also played harmonica on Paul Arnoldi's "One Note Man" LP on Kapp, and wrote the country tune "Regular On My Mind" which became a hit for Jim Ed Brown in 1966.

Navigation Blues / Not For Sale (Epic 5-9897. 1966)

Bill Hjerpe - Behind The Times / Mrs Frost (Epic 5-10026. 1966)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've never seen anyone else confirm the existence of Bill Hjerpe's "Navigation Blues" on Epic. I once owned a copy of the 45, along with the sleeve you mention. Alas, my mother sold off all our 45s for a nickel a piece in a garage sale after we left home. Without our knowledge, of course. I've always wanted to hear that song again.

Country Paul said...

The album and first 45 were advertised in a full page ad in the trades. I vaguely remember seeing a coipy of the LP, and I have both 45s. Mrs. Frost and Navigation Blues are the two songs that did it for me. I think I've heard Hjerpe's own version of Regular On My Mind as well, but it was a long time ago. As I remember, it was better than Jim ed Brown's - more edge - although I loved all three Browns singing together.

♥mykids said...

Does anyone know how to get a copy of any Bill Hjerpe songs that were recorded?

cicodelico said...

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Anonymous said...

Found a 4-track-EP (Germany Epic EP 9048) by Bill Hjerpe on a flea market in Berlin.
Tracks: behind the times/Not for sale // Navigation Blues/Mrs. Frost.

Fine stuff.