Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Curtain Calls - Philadelphia Heartache / Country Living

Curtain Calls - Philadelphia Heartache (Dot 17243. 1969)

Here's some more cool sunshine pop.

Curtain Calls released a couple of other singles on Dot ('Sock It to me Sunshine'[Dot 17093] and 'Beautiful Downtown Burbank' [Dot 17134]). The band had a small hit in 1968 with "Sock It To Me Sunshine", which resulted in an appearance on 'Rowan and Martins laugh-in'.

Members of Bread were involved in the production and arrangement of the second single, while pop-psych band The Pleasure Fair provided backing for the b-side, "Say What You See".

I assume they were from the West Coast.

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roygbiv said...

Pleasure Faire included Robb Royer whom later formed Bread with David Gates and James Griffin (such that Pleasure Faire and Bread have a common thread historically). Great blog, thanks!