Monday, 11 June 2007

Probable Cause - Chain Reaction

Probable Cause - Chain Reaction (GRT 17. 1969)
Thanks to Len Gorsky, here's an update on this great record;

I was rhythm guitar and background vocalist for this cut. The band, mostly temple students, existed 1967-1970. Charlie Zatzkin [now a dentist in new england] was lead guitar and lead singer. He still plays guitar, mostly local jamming. Bob Schetter played organ/leslie. Howard Friedman, our leader, played bass. He handled most of the band's bookings. Bob Friedman [no relation] played drums and supplied the rehearsal space.

We were mostly a cover band. Ralph Brauner, a friend of mine and also a guitarist had the contact at GRT records and wrote the songs. If memory serves, they were recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philly. Didn't sell much, but got us a lot of gigs. Great memories, especially playing at Tony Mart's in Sommers Point, NJ.

Len Gorsky on the far right, Charlie Zatzkin is in the center, Howard Friedman is on the left talking with hi lit, Bob Schetter is behind howard, and Bob Friedman, the drummer is hidden by cCarlie. My sweetie, Nickie Shaffer took the photo.

Chain Reaction



Anonymous said...

great example of the music of the times. great memories.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I remember this band...they had a really cute rhythm guitar player. I think they did a HY Lit show on tv.


I was the co writer on this record. It was the first song I wrote with Steve Carpenter who was a great singer and guitarists himself. We took it to the group who picked it up quickly and it sounded like a smash hit when we taped it. Unfortunately it lost that magic in the recording studio. I was at the Hy Lit TV Show when they appeared. I was standing next to Joe Cocker who was also on the show. He went on to a little more musical success then Probable Cause.


Steve Friedman said...

The drummer was Steve Friedman