Monday, 4 June 2007

Stephen Sargent & The Pride - Grey Eyes Watching

Stephen Sargent & The Pride - Grey Eyes Watching (Compass 7001. 1967)

Since I posted this 45 Steve has kindly filled me in on some of the details of this 45. Here's what he has to say....

I wrote this in fall 66. I was in band called The Bushmen (from northern Vermont). Chris Kiley is the second voice. He wrote the A-side of this release - Nobody's Child. It should have been a hit. The musicians are New York session players - the band did not play on the session. Compass Records was owned by Mickey Kapp, who was the son of Dave Kapp, of Kapp Records. Paul Leka, who later became very successful with Green Tambourine, NaNa Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, etc. produced both sides.

"The Pride" was not a real band. That was the name settled on by the "executive" producer, Bob Reno. Sargent is my middle name. My name, and not Chris' is in the title because Chris did not want to sign an exclusive contract, which I was willing to sign. We had a follow-up session, which the production company was obligated to under the contract, but the two tunes we did were never released. One of the two follow-up tracks, "Greyhound Bus", is on the Steve Blodgett myspace site. The backing band on that session, The Blacks and Blues, was brought in for that second session. Neither Chris nor I knew them, and I'm not sure where the producer found them.

- Steve Blodgett

For even more info on this 45 check out the latest issue of Ugly Things.


Anonymous said...

This is a blast from the Past.
I went to High School with Chris Kiley. And 'Nobodys Child' Should have hit hard.
Ya Know I have the single still after 40 years.
So Chris and Co. Hi and good luck
And to Donna Jean where ever you are. Love Ya' Good Night.
M L Muir

deegee said...

The single was issued early February '67 and was a Billboard hit pick.

The Black and Blues - the band who actually play on this record - had
a single "Come To Me" /"Bye Bye Baby"
on United Artists released in Jan 68.
Paul Leka also produced that one.

"Fuzz, Acid and Flowers" says The Black and Blues were from Indianapolis but that's the group
on Talun. The group on UA are far
more likely to be from NY or

Davie G.

Anonymous said...

geez, always thought nobodys child was a hit - still playing in my brain today...this is the day i'm going away.

was going to champlain college in burlington in 1967 and could not hear it enough on the radio, bought the 45, long gone, always wanted another copy...this is the day for your sorrow.

great to read about it again.