Monday, 11 June 2007

Stony Brook People - There's Tomorrow

Stony Brook People - There's Tomorrow (Columbia 44866. 1969)
Most of this Long Island band's output falls in the pop-rock mould, but flip over the "Easy To Be Hard" single and you get this fantastic piece of late 60s psych rock, with a scorching guitar break.

For more info on the band check out Joy's superb blog here.


shanleymusic said...

Do you know anything about this Stony Brook People's history? I had a beat-up double-sided copy of "Easy to Be Hard" as a kid that's beat to death and I just won a stock copy in an auction. Your description has me excited to hear "Maybe Tomorrow." Are their other singles?

RP said...

There is at least one more 45:
He's Back Again/Just A Little Lovin' (Early In The Morning) (Columbia 4-45116). This is more in the pop-rock mould and not that exciting.

I don't really know anything about the band, but you can check out a pic of the band here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike Shanley, for the nice review. My name is Joy Lesem and I did keyboard/flute/vocals for the Stony Brook People. It's too bad you couldn't hear some other original material we did. The 45's don't do us justice. In those days the record labels called the shots and our hands were tied. If you want more info about the band, please contact me at:

Anonymous said...