Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Eefrom Zeefrom Mixture - Mind Reader

Eefrom Zeefrom Mixture - Mind Reader (Avco 4510)

Back from the holiday, and counting down the days to the next one......

Here's a garage-pop 45 I know nothing about. This is a double sided promo on Avco.


Craig D said...

Hey, Look! More of "the black stuff!"

Vinyl, that is!

Welcome back. Hope the vacation was to your liking!

RP said...

The holiday (and the Guinness!) was grand, thanks!

However, if anyone can tell me where the hell you find records in Ireland I'd love to hear from you!!

transoniq said...

Powerful tune... not as freaky as one would expect from the group's name, but very good. It sounds like the singer has an accent (Scandinavian perhaps?). According to the Avco discog at, going by Avco release numbers, this is a 1968 record.

RP said...

Hi transoniq,

I always forget to check globaldogproductions, thanks for the reminder! '68 sounds about right for this 45


deegee said...

Issued in 1969. Probably from Philadelphia and I'd guess it's
a studio-only outfit.

If you have a look at the publishing credits you'll see Avemb Songs (=Avco
Embassy) and Magic Fleet Music.

Magic Fleet ties in with a group of the same name( they had a single on Hot Biscuit) - Billy Carl was their
lead singer. He'd earlier been lead
of Billy and The Essentials with a string of releases on Jamie, Cameo
and Smash.

I doubt the Avco release ever got further than the promo stage.

Davie Gordon