Thursday, 26 July 2007

MC2 - Or Something

MC2 - Or Something (Reprise 0577)

MC2 (MC2+, MC Squared) released four superb pop-psych 45's for Reprise and recorded an album that remained in the vault for over 30 years (recently put out on CD by band guitarist Randy Sterling). They also providing the title song for the film The First Time.

One of the great lost (and now thankfully re-discovered!) pop-psych bands of the 60s. Surely a band in need of the full Sundazed treatment, with album, singles and outtakes!!

This 45, their 1st, features strings by Ron Elliot and suprisingly has remained uncomped.

Flip is an Instrumental of the top side.

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JohnBerg said...

Thanks for posting this track by MC2! Do you happen to also have the instrumental flip side by the same title? I have gathered all the tracks by this band, including the other 3 singles and their CD, but still need this one final item. Thanks for any help,