Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sages - I'm Not Going To Cry

Sages - I'm Not Going To Cry (RCA 47-8760. 1966)

Here's another one of my favourite 45's.

As this was released on RCA in the US I always assumed The Sages were an American band. They sound like an American band to me. But I was wrong. It appears they were from around the Medway area of Kent, South-East England.

The Sages evolved from The 4 Avengers, The Grockels (A less than flattering Devonian term for 'Tourists', so is there a Devon connection to the band?) and Brice’s Braces, and featured Trevor Brice who later went on to fame after The Sages sole 45 as the lead singer of Vanity Fare.

Check out Trevor Brice's site for some cool pics and news clippings of the band.


Euphonic said...

Well, the publishing and producer credits strongly point to a British origin. Millwick was a company owned by London-based music publisher and producer Lionel Segal (as was the Strike record label). At about the same time as The Sages, Segal also produced Miki Dallon's immortal freakbeat mover "I'll Give You Love" for RCA.

RP said...

Hi Euphonic, Thanks for the info. I'll admit i'm generally pretty clueless when it comes to publishing and producers credits!