Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Chaps

Out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas , The Chaps were a very profilic band. I havn't heard any of their later 45s for Soft, Demand & Madella.

Their first two 45s on Paula contain some very cool garage and jangle.

Tell Me / Forget Me (Paul 236. 1966)

Remember To Forget Her / You'll Be Back (Paula 250. 1966)


Euphonic said...

Actually you're about 300 miles off - these particular Chaps were from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Both "Tell Me" and "Remember To Forger Her" are on the CD Psychedelic States: Arkansas, Vol. 1.

These are some excellent records; I have to agree with your earlier call for a Paula label compilation. Their R&B/soul material has been reissued almost to death, but sadly not the rock stuff, apart from John Fred.

RP said...

Hi Euphonic,

Ha, I was quite some ways off there, thanks for the info!

One Paula 45 I'd love to hear is "The Spectres - I Cried / Psychodelic Situation" if anyone has a rip?


Jason said...

Let me know if you find that rip. I would be forever grateful.



yell said...

My uncle (Mac Heird) was the bass player for the Chaps. I was googling around to see if there was anything out there on them. I'll give him a shout with a link to this...I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it.



RP said...

Hi Joel,

If your uncle wants to get in touch we'd love to hear from him!


Bridget Edmonds said...

My dad Don Bochette (they called him Boshay) was front man and rhythm guitarist for The Chaps. They just reunited after 40 years at my dads house in South Carolina for what we called Chappapalooza in Oct of '07. Since then they have been going to Mac Heirds in Florida to cut new tracks and old ones too. They got some good stuff!