Wednesday, 1 August 2007

John O'Harah & The Playboys - Sister Rae

John O'Hara & The Playboys - Sister Rae (President 465. 1977)

Here's a recent favourite of mine.

Born in Scotland John O'Hara moved to London and hit the club circuit with the Playboys in the early 60s, after which they cut their live teeth on the Hamburg stages. The band gained a sizable following in Germany and released a number of 45s and an LP, "Playboy Party No.1" for Decca, while also appearing on Beat Club in 1965. Upon returning to the UK they cut an LP of soulful cover versions, "Get Ready", for Fontana.

The band continued to gig away, and in 1974 cut another LP, "A Look Through The 70s", for SRT. This once again contained soulful covers of the hits of the day. John split with the Playboys in the 80s and launched a solo career, and continues to play the pubs and clubs of Sheffield.

Considering their soulful past, what were they doing cutting this gem, in 1977?!!

Thanks to Paul Martin for turning me onto this beauty.

Top-side is "Starsky & Hutch".

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