Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Morticians - Now That You've Left Me / Marie, Marie

Morticians - Now That You've Left Me/Marie, Marie (Roulette R 4702. 1966)

The Morticians came out of Phllipsburg, NJ and consisted of Jerry A. Clymer (keyboard), Joe Dudish (lead singer & sax), Barry Wright (drums), James O'Lexa (lead guitar) and Russ Nicrone (rhythm & bass).
They were a popular touring band who regularly covered NY, PA and NJ, even taking 2nd place in the New England Bandstand Contest.

At the time Roulette's success was waning and they were looking for a band to put them back on the map. They picked up The Morticians, with the plan on storming Europe with an American band that would compete with The Beatles!

They cut this very cool folk beat 45 for Roulette in 1966. The 45 met with some success in the North East and South of the US. While they didn't set Europe alight, by all accounts there was a fan by the name of George Harrison who took the 45 back to the UK play to his friends. The band made a TV appearance with Jean K and also backed up Sam & Dave.
Roulette brought the guys in for another session a few months later to capitalise on this moderate success. This resulted in "Marty's Party/Mister Your A Better Man Than I". By that stage bands members were moving in different directions and the 45 remained unreleased, and both tracks remain locked away in the Roulette vaults.

Jerry Clymer recently retired from his position as Superintendent with the Andover Regional School District. Jim Olexa has passed away and the whereabouts of the rest of the band are unknown (please check in if you are reading this!).


Anonymous said...


I'd love to know more about this band. I can't find any information or mp3s on these guys. How did you get these recordings? any idea where i can get them? my email is Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Joe Dudish is my dad. This is so wierd. i just googled his name and this came up. ha, i cant wait to tell him. =]

Mortician's son said...

Jerry Clymer is my father.

If you'd like some information on this band's history, e-mail me at