Friday, 10 August 2007

Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Pain

Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Pain (Hickory 1468. 1967)

Has there every been a singles compilation of this superb Houston band? I havn't heard all their 45's but from what i've heard there are very few duds amongst them. "Pain" is another great punker.

Top Side is "Get Together With Me"


MackMcCoy said...
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MackMcCoy said...

Haven't seen a comp (although I'm not all that up on comps), but they
do have a full-length LP on Hickory that is quite good. Not sure how many of the tracks were 45's ("Pain" isn't on here but "Get Together With Me" is) but there are a couple of tough rockers like "Brand New Girl" and a few good moody doom-laden ballads. Can be had for much cheaper than your average good garage band LP, too. Picked mine up on eBay for $10 with no other bids (a little beat).

Brutal86 said...

Great Live Band , lots of fun . Niel Ford became a Preacher , Lanier Grieg formed ZZ Top with Gibbons . They passed on Just Checked in to see what condition my condition was in , think they even recorded it but tio drug laden for Niel Ford another Houston unknown did it , Kenny Roger's . Lanier is back in a band practicing and writing once again . Never lost the touch. Underated band .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Partially correct but Neal Ford did not become a preacher. He is writing songs in Nashville, TN and is a Personal Representative for the Country Rock Group, Fletcher. He is also writing with a German Garage Rock group, The Satelliters. The Satelliters recorded one of the Fanatics songs, Shame On You which is on their latest EP entitled Altered States of Mind.
Again thanks for the nice comments,
Neal Ford

RP said...

Thanks for getting in touch Neal!


Anonymous said...

Did one of the members live on Longridge wstreet in Spring Branch? I remember I'd see a band rehearsing in a garage when I was walking home from school.