Monday, 3 September 2007

The Flock

Before they signed with CBS and the horn rot set in The Flock knocked out a couple of good garage 45s for Destination, including the excellent "Got To Hold On To My Mind" and the cool "I Like You/Are you The Kind" double sided folk rocker.

Unfortunately their last 45 in Destination "Take Me Back/Each Day Is A Lonely Night" points towards the direction they were heading in.

Are You The Kind / I Like You (Destination 631. 1966)

Can't You See / Hold On To My Mind (Destination 628. 1966)

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Little Axe said...

Thanks for these curiosities. To my opinion, thats what the blogs in general should propose and not the last X or Y album. By the way, you talk of a third single. I would be happy to listen to it. Thanks again.