Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Ken Stella - Hey, Hey Where You Goin'?

Ken Stella - Hey, Hey Where You Goin'? (Decca 732486. 1969)

Ken knocks out a cool mover with a Bo Diddley beat.

Flip "I Wanna Spend My Whole Life Loving You" is an upbeat pop number.


Anonymous said...

"Sharebee" is GREAT, especially "Z-Share"!

transoniq said...

A bit of a disappointment for me... wish it was more garage pop than bubblegum, but not bad for '69. I tried to discover more about Mr. Stella, but all the standard references are silent. He might've been in the Jan & Dean side project "Laughing Gravy", who released a cover of "Vegetables" with Brian Wilson's permission while the Beach Boys were still toiling away at the Smile project... was Ken Stella an L.A. session musician, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I was a friend of Ken's in the 70's-80's. He was a NY'er and a musician in a show band that played hotels in the Northeast on weekends.

He made his own recordings and wrote commercial songs.

He married and moved to Costa Rica and was working in the Textile business when I lost track of him around 1992.

Really nice guy and talented.