Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Groop - Jet Song

Groop - Jet Song (Bell 822. 1969)

Not the Melborne band as I previously stated....This is the LA bunch that also featured on the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. Sundazed have just reissued their sole LP on CD, which I've yet to hear. If it's anything like this superb piece of sunshine pop then it will be well worth investigating!


Anonymous said...

This song i fucking amazing


Anonymous said...

This isn't the Melbourne lot.
These are from the US.
Their album has just been reissued on Sundazed.

art said...

I have this 45 and once corresponded with one of the members....she is married to Elkin Fowler of the group The Avant Garde
(of "Naturally Stoned" fame).