Friday, 5 October 2007

Leaping Ferns - It Never Works Out For Me

Leaping Ferns - It Never Works Out For Me (Xpanded 103. 1965)

The Chantays will always be known for their massive hit, Pipeline. As the surf boom died out the band recorded a number of garage and folk-rock tracks. They chose not to issue these under the Chantays name, probably due to name being so closely associated to the surf scene.

The band released two very cool Folk-Rock 45s on Reprise ("So Be On Your Way/Fear Of The Rain" and "I Idolize You/A Letter") as the Ill Winds, as well as this garage 45 under the Leaping Ferns pseudonym. The band didn't revert back to their old moniker and after the Ill Winds 45s the 60s incarnation of the band called it a day.

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Frank M. Young said...

Actually, they did release this number under the Chantays name--it's on their Dot LP "Two Sides Of The Chantays," alongside other cool lo-fi garage gems as "Only If You Care," "Love Can Be Cruel" and "I'll Be Back Someday."
I totally love this blog! These low-budget, forgotten recordings have a total magic to them--especially the more forlorn, moody pieces...thank you for preserving these recordings!