Friday, 23 November 2007

The Forsaken

The Forsaken record two 45s for MTA, mixing up pop and beat. Here's two of the better tracks.
Babe is a cool moody number, while Gotta Get Movin' is more in the garage pop mould. The other two tracks She's Alright (top side of Babe) and Frantic (top side of Gotta Get Movin') are more pop orientated. GarageHangover guesses these guys as being from NY.

Babe (MTA 106. 1966)

Flip "She's Alright"

Gotta Get Movin' (MTA 111. 1966)

Flip is "Frantic"


Anonymous said...

Excellent band! "Babe" is particularly great.

I also love the flip side "She's Alright".

Any chance of hearing the "Frantic" side as well? That'd be great!


twistandshoot said...

the two tunes are fine, good stuff!
thanx, really cool blog too!