Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Powers of Blue

Powers of Blue - Flip Out (MTA 5002. 1967)

Continuing the exploito theme.....


chris said...

You Blow My Mind was originally done as a 45 by Hugh McCracken. He was a studio guitarist for the most part, played on some early Left Banke recordings. His 45 is from about late '65 and has cool production values, but I like this instrumental version better.

The McCracken 45 has unappealing exploito lyrics: "You got the mind of a child, girl/ And the body of a woman..."

I've seen a 45 on MTA for the Powers of Blue, but never this LP, that's cool. Any info on where it was recorded or who is on it? Most stuff on MTA is from California, but plenty came from NY too, kind of a confusing situation.

RP said...

No info on the sleeve as to who is playing on this, presumiblyn some long forgotten studio guys!

High McCracken is credited as arranger, so I assume he also played on these tracks and this was his project.

Borderline lists this LP as a NY studio project, however the liners talk about it being the new "Nashville Sound". So NY or Nashville??

I'll up a couple of tracks by another MTA artist The Forsaken next.


chris said...

Hugh McCracken was definitely based in NY. I don't know what the new 'Nashville Sound' is supposed to be - the Blue Things?!

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