Thursday, 10 May 2007

Merriday Park - It All Comes Back To Me

Merriday Park - It All Comes Back To Me (Columbia C4-2966. 1970)

Killer psych from this Thunder Bay, Ontario band.

Sounds earlier than 1970. They released 3 psych 45's on the Columbia label, and the Gaiety Records Story contains unreleased tracks. This 45 is listed on the CD as by NRG, but as I don't have the CD I'm not sure what the deal is. Anyone have the liners and care to elaborate?

Larry Marks - LA Breakdown (And Take Me In)

Larry Marks - LA Breakdown (And Take Me In) (A&M 969. 1968)

Here's a gorgeous piece of 60's pop I've been enjoying a lot lately.

Larry also produced the Merry-Go-Round, Gene Clark, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Phil Ochs, amongst others.

Larry Marks has kindly been in touch. Here's what he has to say:

"It was my first 45 release and I haven't produced in years. I never aspired to be an Artist, but we all had so much freedom, so I put the chart together and recorded it at the tail end of a session I was doing for another Artist.

Everyone liked it so we released it. The next thing I know is that it is in heavy rotation in Seattle and they want me to hit the road. I was in my mid-twenties with a wife and 2 kids and performing was the last thing on my mind. The record made noise, but wasn't a hit. Jack Jones covered it as the title song of his next album."

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Noel - Hey Yesterday / Come On Rain

Noel - Hey Yesterday / Come On Rain (Tower 506. 1969)

Noel has been in touch and kindly given some info on his Tower 45s.

I am Noel Odom. I didn’t know that they pressed those 2 on 45’s!!!! We did all the recording at both Sam Phillips and Sun studios in Memphis.

On “Hey Yesterday Where’s My Mind” I played acoustic on the rhythm track and we did it over and over!!! I can remember how bad my fingers hurt on that song.

Best line in the song- “I’ve seen thunder, I’ve heard lightning”!!!!

“Come on Rain” was a song I really liked- good upbeat. We did some things on that session that were ahead of its time- like feedback guitar, etc.

The Group was our band, they put me out front because I did most of the lead singing.

Come on Down to Earth was on rate a record on American Bandstand and won against a little known song called "Leavin' on a Jet Plane"!!!

Side note- our A&R man in the studio was Allen Reynolds a VP at a local bank- later he went to Nashville ended up Garth Brooks producer among others!!

I am still playing- I formed a local band in Shreveport La- “The Convertibles” we have been together 21 years playing Classic and Roots rock. You can check us out on “mySpace “ search “The Convertibles. It is truly amazing how much of this is out there.

I had a friend how had me a T shirt Made that said “I’m Big in Europe” and there is some truth to that.

Randy Johnson - Fly Superman Fly

Randy Johnson - Fly Superman Fly (Davy Jones Presents 6662. 1967)
Released on Davy Jones' vanity label (plenty or people name their record labels after themselves, but to put your own face on the label?!).

Who know's what the Monkees' teenybopper fans made of this snotty 45! Randy also released an LP (The Gift Of Randy Johnson). I've yet to hear it, but I understand it's more in the pop-psych mould.

Flip side is "Have You Been Dreaming".