Friday, 1 June 2007

Sonics - Sherry / She Can't See Me

Sonics - She Can't See Me / Sherry (Courtn' 255. 1965)

No, not THOSE Sonics....This is the same bunch that recorded the gloriously stupid "Introduction to The Sonics" for Cha Cha (comped on the "Ho-Dad Hootennany" LP).

It has horns, but don't let that put you off!

The Muphets - All I Want

The Muphets - All I Want (Sound Spectrum 36001)
This Ohio band started out as the Marauders in 1962, playing around the Ohio area. As the British invasion hit The Maruaders morphed into The Muphets and recorded this cool beat 45 for Chicago's Sound Spectrum.

The band later recorded a song called "My Money", which made its way to the Kasenetz Katz team, and was re-worked for the Music Explosion as "I See The Light".

After the unsuccessful sojourn to NY to score a major label deal the band made its way back to Ohio. As with a lot of bands of the era, the draft put an end to the Muphets dreams of stardom.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Blue Marble Faun - Going Home

Blue Marble Faun - Going Home (Look 5015)

Last post of today is this excellent folk rock 45 from the same band who recorded the Blue Monday/Open Your Eyes 45, also on Look.

According to the label Look were based in Nashville and a subsidiary of Starday, but this is far from Stardays' usual Country and Rockabilly, this has a pure West Coast Vibe.

The Alibi - Sunshine

The Alibi - Sunshine (Dody 335)

This is a nice upbeat pop-psych number. I've no idea where this bunched hailed from.

Anya's Street - There's One Kind Favor / Boeing 707

Anya's Street - There's One Kind Favor / Boeing 707 (Verve Forecast 5084. 1968)

Psych Rock that's somewhere between the Airplane and Cold Blood. 'Anya' was vocalist Anya Cohen, and they hailed from New York.

After this 45 they dropped the "Anya" and released an LP and further 45 simply as Street.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Greg Todd & The Jacks - Love

Greg Todd & The Jacks - Love (Holiday Inn 2202. 1968)

Holiday Inn was a Tennessee label started by Sam Phillips with money from the RCA buy out of Elvis' contract. Unsuprisingly they released a number of country 45's, as well a few rock goodies such as Greg Todd and Portrait of Fun.

Memphis based Greg Todd & The Jacks also released the excellent Love Transcends/Garden Of Delight 45 (Holiday Inn 2217), which is well worth tracking down!

This is the Country Joe & The Fish song, and while not as good as the original it's still got a charm of its own, and suprisingly rare to see a CJF cover.

Lord Alan & Sir Richard - Run In The Dark

Lord Alan & Sir Richard - Run In The Dark (Cannon 101. 1964)

I love these crazy British sounding band names. Alan & Richard pull off an excellent Beatlesque garage-pop 45, with Run In The Dark being the more upbeat of the two good sides.

From New York.

The Valiants

The Valiants - EP (Philips 437833)

Here's some moody looking fellas from Malacca, Malaysia. All except for the guy in the middle, that's John K. Couzens from Bristol. John was in the army and posted to Asia, where he hooked up with the band.

The Valiants were an instrumental band until John arrived and added vocals, morphing them from indo-rock to British beat. He wrote all the material on this EP, although the band still sneak in some twangs from their instro days.

John's wife was called Elaine and from Australia. He moved to Perth in the late 60s and formed Stonewall Jackson's Virginia Volunteers.

Last Five - Kicking You

Last Five - Kicking You (Wand 1122. 1966)

Here's a great upbeat garage-pop number, probably from the PNW.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sound Of The Seventh Son - I'll Be On My Way / I Told A Lie

Sound Of The Seventh Son - I'll Be On My Way / I Told A Lie (Tower 1969. 1965)

Before the dreck of Three Dog Night, Jimmy Greenspoon formed Sound Of The Seventh Son. They were a popular LA band and cut this cool 45 for Tower, which is everything you'd expect from a Sunset Strip band in '65.

Los 5 Del Este

Hidden amongst the polka and folk records in the local charity shop were these two cool mod-beat EP's from Spain. I guess the same person must have unloaded the whole lot. They probably picked them up as a souvenier of their trip to spain in the mid-sixties. I wonder if the original owner caught the band live in a Spanish club and picked this vinyl up as a reminder!

From what I gather Los 5 Del Este were quite active releasing a number of 45's, including a take on "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" and at least one LP. I havn't heard much more of their output, but I understand it was a bit hit and miss.

Patriots - As Fall The Leaves / Unkind Love

Patriots - As Fall The Leaves / Unkind Love (1776 101. 1966)

The Patriots were a bunch of friends out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The band consisted of Doug Erbeck (Lead Vocals & Bass), Russ Clark (Lead Guitar), Steve Gross (Guitar), Warren Marrow (Keyboards) and a number of drummers, including Mike Curly of Iowa garage legends Al's Untouchables. Art Abodeely was drumming with the group during the time frame of the record release and promotion tour, and Steve's younger brother Dennis took over the seat during the latter part of the bands career.

They were together between 1963-68 and were extremely popular around the Cedar Rapids area, scoring a local hit with their sole 45 on the 1776 label “As Fall The Leaves/Unkind Love”.

When Russ and Warren lost the bass player of their band, The Intruders, they asked Doug to join replacing Tom Otto who had Army Reserve commitments. At the time Doug was a guitar player so quickly had to rush out and buy a bass (a Gibson EBO), and so The Patriots were born.
The band was successful from the outset playing school proms, private occasions and the local bar scene. Their set consisted mainly of popular cover versions. To capitalise on their ever growing success, Russ suggested the band record a couple of original tunes, 'for the fun of it'. Two songs were quickly written, the cool primitive folk-rocker "As Fall The Leaves" and the upbeat "Unkind Love".

Recording took place at Hitran Recording Studios in Hiawatha, Iowa. The same studio also played host to The Slough Boys, who's demented "Surfin' on Cedar Lake" has recently been waxed by Norton and The Temtations who's "I Wish I Could Say Yes" came out on the small Eric label.

The band had made a recording prior to this 45, recording a demo LP in 1965, again at Hitran. Made up solely of covers a very small quantity of blank sleeved LP's were pressed up. These were mainly for personal use, but some did make their way to local radio stations, however the band don't recall receiving any airplay from the record.

A true garage recording, the band recalls the studio having somewhat primitive equipment, with Doug having to sing and play bass on the same track and no way to patch over any errors, it was case of start the tape over and run again from the top. The band recorded their two tracks in 1966 and this turned out to be their only 45 release.

The Hitran Recording Co. only offered recording facilities so the band self pressed their 45 on the 1776 Record Label which fit in with the Patriot theme. 2000 records were pressed up and sold around the Cedar Rapids area. The 45 took off and scored the band a #7 hit on the local charts. Despite only promoting the 45 around the local area Doug recalls joining a band in Chicago and the drummer had "As Fall the Leaves" in his record collection!

This gave the band the opportunity to support some of the big names that rolled into town. They opened for the Dave Clark 5, Gary Lewis and The Playboys, The New Colony Six and many others lost in time. One of their more memorable gigs took place at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa (the last stage Buddy Holly set foot on in ‘59). The band felt a particular eeriness as they played some of Buddy's songs on that same stage.

Doug and Russ recall another memorable gig at a packed club called Little Caesars. During a break the band was approached by the Yardbirds (in town for their gig at Cedar Rapids' Danceland Ballroom in December '65). The 'birds' had a quick chat with the shocked band, although none of the band members could remember their individual names at the time! Not to be deterred by the presence of such legends and ever the professionals, the band kicked things up a notch and put on an amazing show for both the packed audience and The Yardbirds.

After 3 successful years with the Patriots, in 1968 Doug quit to attend commercial art school in Chicago and the band went their separate ways. Russ and Doug later both moved to Colorado in 1971, with Russ giving up music and trading his passion for the antique automobile business. Doug continued to play music and in 2006 convinced Russ to pick up his guitar again. The 'New' Patriots, featuring Russ, Doug and Russ' son, Mike Clark and drummer, Jeff Wasinger from one of Mike's Colorado bands re-recorded the two old hits and two new original tunes 'Hang Up Our Guns' and 'The Ways Of Love Are Such', and continue to keep the spirit of the Patriots alive.

**UPDATE On a sad note, Doug Erbeck lost his long battle with cancer on 25 June 2009.

The New Patriots "Driftwood", full of self penned material, is available through CDbaby. For sound clips check out the band page on CDBaby

Rod Baker - Second Revolution

Rod Baker - Second Revolution (Pathway 1001. 1967)

Here's a lost raga-rock gem. Recently compiled by Gray on California Love-In.

Nothing so far has been unearthed on the mysterious Rod Baker, although the 45 was produced by Ex-Limelighter Alex Hassilev, which points to a West Coast location.

Aprocot Sap - Mommy's Vitamin C / Wow That Girl

Aprocot Sap - Mommy's Vitamin C / Wow That Girl (Mushroom 266)

Utter lunancy.

On Mushroom Records, which gives you a good idea where these guys where coming from....

Did they think they were going to crack the charts with this??
Any info?? somebody please!!