Thursday, 14 June 2007

Country Gentlemen - Baby Blue

Country Gentlemen - Baby Blue (Rebel F-265. 1966)
There's a touch of Dylan running through today's posts.....

The Country Gentlemen were a traditional bluegrass band, not unlike the Dillards. While the Dillards embraced folk-rock with open arms, producing some of the finest folk-rocking sounds of the day, The Country Gentlemen merly dipped their toes in the water.

Anyone who was anyone had at least one Dylan song in their reportoire back in the 60's, and the Country Gentlemen were no excpetion. One of the results of the excursion into folk-rock is this cover of the Dylan classic, which has some nice restrained bluegrass picking.

Flip side is the more traditional bluegrass number "Spanish two step".

Bees - Leave Me Be / She's An Artist

Bees - Leave Me Be / She's An Artist (Mirwood 5003. 1965)

A classic LA folk-rocking 45.

The band released another cool follow up on Mira "Forget Me Girl/Baby Let Me Follow You Down" before going their seperate ways. The Bees were a talented bunch and included future members of W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band, Factory and The Byrds.

There is some excellent footage of The Bees on Hollywood A Go-Go, looking pure sunset strip cool while they run through "Mimi's Song", "She Belongs To Me" and "Leave Me Be".

TJ Black - Gotta Turn Myself On, Babe / She Belongs To Me

TJ Black - Gotta Turn Myself On, Babe / She Belongs To Me (Jubilee 5516. 1965)

I don't know where TJ originates from, but it sounds like LA to me. This 45 has that Sunset Strip '65 vibe to it.

Also recieved a European release on Vogue.

Bill Hjerpe

Ok, so no Dylan cover version here but Hjerpe was Epic's attempt at the '65 'Dylan sound' (not unlike Decca's Billy Batson). "Navigation Blues" was hyped up by Epic, even being issued in a picture sleeve with Bill giving his best Dylan pose, and was a minor hit in Florida. The follow up "Mrs Frost" had less of a Dylan influence, although "Behind The Times" is a nice piano rocker.

Apparently there was an Bill Hjerpe LP, "Not For Sale", although I wonder if this was ever released. Bill also played harmonica on Paul Arnoldi's "One Note Man" LP on Kapp, and wrote the country tune "Regular On My Mind" which became a hit for Jim Ed Brown in 1966.

Navigation Blues / Not For Sale (Epic 5-9897. 1966)

Bill Hjerpe - Behind The Times / Mrs Frost (Epic 5-10026. 1966)

Monday, 11 June 2007

Scandal - Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind

Scandal - Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind (Pepper 432. 1967)
A nice upbeat pop-psych number.

Featured on Fading Yellow Vol.3. I don't have the liners for that, maybe it clears up where this band were from? A Google tells me there was a Pepper Sound Studio in Memphis, so perhaps the band were from there?

Flip is "There's Reasons Why"

Oz Band - Winter Rain / I Am Not The Same

Oz Band - Winter Rain / I Am Not The Same (Cub 9158. 1968)
Wistful West Coast style folky-psych with male/female vocals.

Raggamuffins - Parade of Uncertainty

Raggamuffins - Parade of Uncertainty (Seville 143. 1967)
This New Bedford, MA band cut one of THE best folk-rock 45's of the 60's, with "Four Days Of Rain" (Seville 141).

The B-side of the follow up saw the band heading into JA territory, with this cool psych number with a great guitar break.

Top side is the poppier "Hate To See A Good Thing Have To Go"

Stony Brook People - There's Tomorrow

Stony Brook People - There's Tomorrow (Columbia 44866. 1969)
Most of this Long Island band's output falls in the pop-rock mould, but flip over the "Easy To Be Hard" single and you get this fantastic piece of late 60s psych rock, with a scorching guitar break.

For more info on the band check out Joy's superb blog here.

Probable Cause - Chain Reaction

Probable Cause - Chain Reaction (GRT 17. 1969)
Thanks to Len Gorsky, here's an update on this great record;

I was rhythm guitar and background vocalist for this cut. The band, mostly temple students, existed 1967-1970. Charlie Zatzkin [now a dentist in new england] was lead guitar and lead singer. He still plays guitar, mostly local jamming. Bob Schetter played organ/leslie. Howard Friedman, our leader, played bass. He handled most of the band's bookings. Bob Friedman [no relation] played drums and supplied the rehearsal space.

We were mostly a cover band. Ralph Brauner, a friend of mine and also a guitarist had the contact at GRT records and wrote the songs. If memory serves, they were recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in Philly. Didn't sell much, but got us a lot of gigs. Great memories, especially playing at Tony Mart's in Sommers Point, NJ.

Len Gorsky on the far right, Charlie Zatzkin is in the center, Howard Friedman is on the left talking with hi lit, Bob Schetter is behind howard, and Bob Friedman, the drummer is hidden by cCarlie. My sweetie, Nickie Shaffer took the photo.

Chain Reaction