Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Curtain Calls - Philadelphia Heartache / Country Living

Curtain Calls - Philadelphia Heartache (Dot 17243. 1969)

Here's some more cool sunshine pop.

Curtain Calls released a couple of other singles on Dot ('Sock It to me Sunshine'[Dot 17093] and 'Beautiful Downtown Burbank' [Dot 17134]). The band had a small hit in 1968 with "Sock It To Me Sunshine", which resulted in an appearance on 'Rowan and Martins laugh-in'.

Members of Bread were involved in the production and arrangement of the second single, while pop-psych band The Pleasure Fair provided backing for the b-side, "Say What You See".

I assume they were from the West Coast.

Maryann Farra and Genesis - One Day Boy / Societys Child

Maryann Farra and Genesis - One Day Boy / Societys Child (Rare Bird 5000)

Maryann had more success in the late 70s during the disco period. Genesis changed their name to Satin Soul and they hit with Brunswicks first 12" disco single.

This 45 on Rare Bird see's the band in the late 60s rock mould, and includes a cover of the Janis Ian song "Society's Child".