Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sages - I'm Not Going To Cry

Sages - I'm Not Going To Cry (RCA 47-8760. 1966)

Here's another one of my favourite 45's.

As this was released on RCA in the US I always assumed The Sages were an American band. They sound like an American band to me. But I was wrong. It appears they were from around the Medway area of Kent, South-East England.

The Sages evolved from The 4 Avengers, The Grockels (A less than flattering Devonian term for 'Tourists', so is there a Devon connection to the band?) and Brice’s Braces, and featured Trevor Brice who later went on to fame after The Sages sole 45 as the lead singer of Vanity Fare.

Check out Trevor Brice's site for some cool pics and news clippings of the band.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Band - Lovin' Zone / Mr Guitar Man

The Band - Lovin' Zone / Mr Guitar Man (Tener 106)

Not the hairy Canadians, but a Florida garage band of the same name.

Tener Records were an Orlando label formed by Eric T. Schabacker & Bob Johnson, who were also responsible for Bee Jay Bookings & Recording Studio. Tener put out some killer 45s by the Barons, Burlington Squires, Little Willie & The Adolescents (featuring Eric T. Shabacker) and the Rockin' Roadrunners.

Florida band The Mor-loks were set to cut a version of "Mr Guitar Man" as the b-side to a re-release of "There Goes Life", but this didn't come off.

Tener released some killer garage 45's, and while this isnt up to the standard of a 5-star screamer its still a cool mid-60s beat record.

Check out Jeff Lemlich's excellent Limestone Lounge for more on the Florida 60s scene.

Update: Moptopmike has provided some more info on The Band & Tener Records:

A bit of info for you and the blog-readers:

The Band were from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The songs were initially issued on the Pride label in mid'65. When Tener started operations later that year, they acquired a few masters from outside their FLA locale. The Band , and the Wave Riders were two groups sporing 45s on the Tener imprint that are not of Florida sunshine origin.

Also, Tener did have national distribution, not just the stereotypical assumption of "local-only". There was a main office in Manhattan (NYC) in '66-67. The operation was out to make money, of course, not content to issue vanity pressings for local groups.

Restless Feelin's - Hey, Mama, You've Been On My Mind / A Million Things

Restless Feelin's - Hey, Mama, You've Been On My Mind / A Million Things (United Artists 50053. 1966)

I love this 45 but I really do need to upgrade, it's seen better days and there is a slight skip on A Million Things.

Eefrom Zeefrom Mixture - Mind Reader

Eefrom Zeefrom Mixture - Mind Reader (Avco 4510)

Back from the holiday, and counting down the days to the next one......

Here's a garage-pop 45 I know nothing about. This is a double sided promo on Avco.