Thursday, 20 September 2007

Boston Tea Party - Is It Love? / Don't Leave Me Alone

Boston Tea Party - Is It Love? / Don't Leave Me Alone (Fona 311. 1967)

Californian band best known for their cover of the Monkees 'Words'.

This 45 was the follow up and both sides are non-LP. This is a great upbeat number and Don't Leave Me Alone features an excellent, if short, guitar break.

Beloved - From One To Another / Sing To Be Free

Beloved - From One To Another / Sing To Be Free (GWS TRP-GA 73)

Here's a nice rock tune, backed with an jaunty sing-a-long type number which isnt as bad as that may sound!

Movement - Combination of the Two

Movement - Combination of the Two (Century 34180. 1969)
Butch Hughes recently got in touch to provide a bit more information about The Movement:

The band consisted of Butch Hughes (Guitar), Carl Nowak (Vocals), Louie Faraci (Drums) and Bill Duffy (Bass).

They were from the Western New York area and were quite popular locally, opening for The Zombies, 1910 Fuitgum Co. and Chicago Transit Authority at The Phycus in BUffalo, NY. They also shared the bill with The Road, who were riding high with their cover of "She's Not There" on Kama Sutra. They also made a few local TV appearances, which unfortunately have long since disappeared.

The band performed all through the Western New York area, as well as excursions into Canada. During one gig in Buffalo the local owner of Century Records heard the band perform and suggested they record for the label. He lined up a recording session in Century’s Studios in Buffalo (on a Sunday), which resulted in the Big Brother cover "Combination Of The Two" and the original "Riding On A Sunday".

As with so many bands of the era The Movement broke up due to members serving their time in Vietnam. A re-grouped Movement (featuring only Butch Hughes from the original line-up) put out another 45, "Happy No More" and "Left Silently" for Movement Sounds in 1970. The singer was an Australian who was at the time studying at the University of Buffalo. The band lasted around 6 months and then The Movement were no more. 'Left Silenty' can be heard on Wyld Sides #1. 'Happy No More' remains uncomped and I've yet to hear it.

Butch continues to play with The CRS Band.