Wednesday, 17 October 2007

This Side Up - Book A Trip

This Side Up - Book A Trip (Capitol 2129. 1968)

Another 45 with a tantalisingly lysergic title, but it isn’t so. This is a superb upbeat pop 45 from the same Birmingham, Alabama bunch that recorded the cool punker "Why Can't I Dream".

Must be the last dregs of summer sunshine that’s causing me to dig out these summer sounds. Winter is closing in fast........bah

Staccatos - Whisper Words

Staccatos - Whisper Words (Capitol 72497. 1967)

The Staccatos were a successful Candian chart band who later morphed into The Five Man Electrical Band. They cut a couple of garage tracks, before moving into the pop world. This is a nice groovy sunshine pop effort.

Scotty Mckay - Salty Water Man

Scotty Mckay - Salty Water Man (Atco Pompeii 66692)

Dallas's Max Lipscomb (aka Scotty McKay) had a long and varied recording career, having played with Gene Vincent's Blue caps and releasing several 60s punk classics including Train Kept A Rollin' & All Around The World.

He mellowed somewhat as the 60s rolled on and released some great folk pop & country tinged 45, including High on Life for Uni and this 45 for Pompeii.

Groop - Jet Song

Groop - Jet Song (Bell 822. 1969)

Not the Melborne band as I previously stated....This is the LA bunch that also featured on the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. Sundazed have just reissued their sole LP on CD, which I've yet to hear. If it's anything like this superb piece of sunshine pop then it will be well worth investigating!

Dirty Shames - Blown Your Mind

Dirty Shames - Blown Your Mind (Philips 40474. 1967)

The Dirty Shames were from Montana and cut a couple of folk pop 45's, including a cover of Cocunut Grove. This isn't a LSD freakout, but a cool catchy upbeat folkpop number.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Travel Agency - Time

Travel Agency - Time (Kookaburra 502. 1967)

The Travel Agency story is a complicated one. What is known is they are from California, formed in San Francisco and featured Frank Davis who had previously worked in the studio with the Fever Tree in Texas. They then appear to have relocated to Los Angeles and released two excellent 45s on LA labels Tanqueray ("Time/Made For You". 1966) & Kookaburra ("Time/Emit". 1967). Both of these are excellent folk-rock 45s with Time being the same version on both 45s.

The confusion then begins as "Made For You/MFY" was also issued on Kookabura, credited the Act III. I havn't heard this 45 but I understand it's the same version, and I assume the b-side is an instrumental version. Perhaps someone can clarify this?

A self-titled LP, produced by Bread's James Griffin, was released on LA's Viva Records in 1968. This was followed by a final Viva 45 ("What's A Man/She Understands") in 1969. Both tracks were different edits to the LP versions. The assumption is that this LP is the same band that recorded the earlier 45s, however hasn't been confirmed.

Both pre-LP 45s are very cool and highly infectious West Coast folk-rock tracks including the Kookaburra track here, "Time". Emit is an instrumental version of the top side.