Friday, 14 December 2007

The Movement

Butch Hughes has kindly been in touch to provide some more information on The Movement. Read it here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Bobby & Dave - Hat on Tie

Bobby & Dave - Hat on Tie (Tonorous 018. 1966)

Out of Chicago and featuring backing from The Royal Flairs ("Suicide"). A very cool moody number. The flip "My Baby Cries" is a great frat stomper

The Book - Where She's Gone

The Book - Where She's Gone (Murco 1041. 1968)

A great downbeat tune out of El Dorado, Arkansas. They released a second "You Ask Me/It's Gotta Be Love (Peermont 1051), which is more in the late 60s rock style.

Royal Family - I Told A Lie

Royal Family - I Told A Lie (Apex 76971. 1965)

Out of Edmonton, Canada. Top side is the sloppy garage poppper "You Don't Even Want To Know". They also cut the cool punker Solitude.

By Passers - Sue

By Passers - Sue (Sound. 5-177)

I read in the latest Misty Lane that Bob Cohen of The Rising Storm chose 'To L.N./Who Doesn't Know' as a song title as he didn't want it to always be associated with Ellen. I wonder how the guy from the By Passers feels about Sue 40 years later....A simple doomy lament to lost love, with a guitar break that even I could play.

Tresa Leigh - Until Then

Tresa Leigh - Until Then (Lyndell LR-006)

Boy loses a girl, boys weeps over lost love, its a classic garage tale. It's not very often you get a moody track from the girls. From somewhere out of Pennsylvania. Very cool.

Dusty Greyrock - Tears In My Heart

Dusty Greyrock - Tears In My Heart (RCA 47-9640. 1968)

Perhaps too upbeat for a moody number? Still, Dusty isn't a happy chap. Flip is the bubblegummy 'Clap Your Hands'.