Monday, 15 December 2008

Carnegy Hall - The Bells Of San Francisco

Carnegy Hall - The Bells Of San Francisco (Atco 6540. 1968)

I've been digging around for something festive and this is the best I can come with. Keep an eye for that psychedelic sleigh on Christmas Eve!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Cliff Adams - When It Comes To The Crunch/Rhythm and Crunch

Cliff Adams - When It Comes To The Crunch/Rhythm and Crunch (LYN1022. 1966)

This promo, for Smiths Crisps, was recorded by advertising jingle composer Cliff Adams and is a very cool mod mover.

I'm not sure if this was issued as a promo or whether you had to collect tokens and send away for it. If you had to eat an artery clogging amount of crisps to send away for this chances are you'd need to do more than The Crunch to get your health back on track!

Manfred Mann and Mike Hug - Ski "Full of Fitness" Theme

Manfred Mann and Mike Hug - Ski "Full of Fitness" Theme (Ski 1. 1970)

After the break-up of the original Manfreds it's two founding members recording some funky promo disks before forming Chapter 3. This is the first, for Ski Yoghurt. Ever so slightly repetitive, but still cool. The pair also recorded similar disks for Michelin tyres and Maxwell House coffee, but i've yet to hear those.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Free - (A Day Of Decision) For Lost Soul Blue/What Makes You?

The Free - (A Day Of Decision) For Lost Soul Blue/What Makes You? (Atco 6662. 1969)

Some more heavy sounds, this time out of Michigan. This originally came out on Marquee and was picked up for national distribution by Atco.

Inner Lite - All The Way In/If I Only Knew

Inner Lite - All The Way In/If I Only Knew (ssExx 667. 1970)

Here's some heavy sounds from Iowa. This is the 2nd and final release from this bunch.

Royal Guardsmen - Magic Window/Mother Where's Your Daughter

Royal Guardsmen - Magic Window/Mother Where's Your Daughter (Laurie 3494. 1969)

Despite the terrible 'snoopy' novelty records the Royal Guardsman did cut a few good sides.

Here's one of their later singles and a great double sider.

Philosophers- The Law Of Love/Do Fuga

Philosophers- The Law Of Love/Do Fuga (Philo Spectrum 31180. 1969)

Here's some more late 60s stuff. The Philosophers were a group of vietnam vets out of LA. They also cut an LP which Acid Archives describe as having a "Hammond, fuzz and a swank r'n'b club groove" (??!).

Monday, 24 November 2008

Stoned Hinge - Violet Lady

Let's dip into the late 60s/early 70s for a couple of 45s.

Stoned Hinge - Violet Lady (Candid 959C 2805. 1971)

First up is Stoned Hinge out of Edgerton, Wisconsin with Voilet Lady, the B-Side of their only single Janis.

Not everybodies cup of tea and perhaps a bit too Marshall Tucker Band for some, but I dig it.

Detriot Gold - Down By The River

Detriot Gold - Down By The River (Lobo AR 4132)

I assume from '69 or the early 70's comes this bunch with a nice Neil Young cover.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

RIP Mitch Mitchell

Sad news this morning that Mitch Mitchell has now departed. I was obsessed with The Jimi Hendrix Experience as a teenager and Mitch has always been my favourite drummer, he also always seemed like a thoroughly nice chap. Sadly now all the Experience are gone, along with Buddy Miles.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Chateaus - Summer Has Come And Gone

Chateaus - Summer Has Come And Gone (Jam 114)

A cool sombre 45 from The Chateaus.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Tommy James and The Shondells - Say I Am / Lots Of Pretty Girls

Tommy James and The Shondells - Say I Am / Lots Of Pretty Girls (Roulette 4695. 1966)

Tommy put out a LOT of records, most of them fairly straight pop, but he did record the odd cool rocker.

Fred Milander - I Want Your Loving

Fred Milander - I Want Your Loving (Center City 701. 1966)

This one owes more to 'Some Kind Love' than 'Louie Louie', but still cool. Fred Milander was DJ Freddie Fredericks from the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

This record came out in 1966, but looks like it was recorded in '64.

Buddies - Only My Friend

Buddies - Only My Friend (Swing 102. 1964)

Heavy on the Beatles harmonies and possibly out of New York.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Tommy Flanders - Between Purple And Blue

Tommy Flanders - Between Purple And Blue (Verve PB 3075. 1968)

I've been really digging this track lately from the ex-Blues Project guy. It's such a great song.

United Nations - Cause I Love You / In My Dreams

United Nations - Cause I Love You / In My Dreams (Cha Cha C-771)

Let's have some garage pop today, although the emphasis in clearly on pop.

First up are the United Nations. In My Dreams is very nice catchy tune.

St George IV - What'cha Doin' To Me / Love Has No Place For A Clown

St George IV - What'cha Doin' To Me / Love Has No Place For A Clown (St George 157)

With a Hollywood address on the label, I'm guessing this was a LA band. Pop with some folk rocking touches.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Up With People

I'm sure the US folks can fill us in with more details about Up With People. While pretty much unknown in the UK this clean cut, god fearing bunch are well known in the US, taking their brand of positive squeaky clean, bland music to a huge audience through events such as the superbowl (they were spoofed a superbowl episode of the Simpsons as "Hooray for Everything").

While the majority of their output is to be avoided like the plague, this s/t LP from 1970 contains some nice groovy pop, including some unpexpected fuzz on A New Dimension.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Floro Brothers

Here's the top sides of 2 45's out of San Gabriel, LA. You've guess it, I don't know who the Floro Brothers are...'Tomorrow' is a quirky and infectious little garage popper, while 'Trend Of The Times' is a cool moody psych tinged protest number.

Tomorrow (Is Going To Be Me Without You) (Kangaroo 33. 1968)

The Trend Of The Times (Kangaroo 34. 1968)

Friday, 15 August 2008

Shillings - Lying and Trying

Shillings - Lying and Trying (Three Rivers 701. 1966)

Last one for today is this pleasant and catchy folk rock 45 from this Allentown, Pennsylvania bunch.

Little Joe - The Puppet / Walking So Alone

Little Joe - The Puppet / Walking So Alone (Technique 100)

Little Joe is presumbly Joe Horton. A cool mean folk rocker. Anybody know anymore about this guy?

Fugitives - I Miss You Girl/This Is It

Fugitives - I Miss You Girl/This Is It (Clevetown CTXP 129. 1965)

Here's some cool Mersey influenced beat from Warren, Pennsylvania.

Flip side 'This is It' has some of the worst fake-brit accents I have ever heard.

Monday, 4 August 2008

The Berrys - Sand and Sea

The Berrys - Sand and See (Apex 77043. 1966)

Out of Albuquerque, New Mexico comes (yet another) cover of Midnight Hour, but flip it over and you get to hear a cool moody ballad.

Produced by Lindy Blaskey this was orignally released on his own Lavette label, then picked up for national distribution by Challenge. It also made it over the border and recieved a Canadian release on Apex.

The Berrys were previously known as The Viscount V, who's jangler "She Doesn't Know" appeared on the Teenage Shutdown 'Nobody To Love' comp.

The Dolphins - I Should Have Stayed

The Dolphins - I Should Have Stayed (Yorkshire 520652)

I also love my moody garage. 'The Moody Folk', there's a great garage comp in the making.....Here's a 45 I can't get enough of at the moment.

The Dolphins were from New York and had a number of releases prior to this 45 and scored a minor local hit with the top side "Surfin' East Coast". They then relocated to Texas and became The Chains, gaining the tag 'The Beatles of El Paso'. have put out a CD of Chains and Dolphins material which is well worth checking out.

King Charles and The Counts - I Don't Wanna Cry

King Charles and The Counts - I Don't Wanna Cry (Astor 7059)

I love my folk punking 45s and here's a great one from King Charles & The Counts. I think the band were from the PNW and "King Charles" was in fact Charlie Bieker, who also played with Easy Chair. They also released the great "It's True It's You/Salt 'N' Pepper (Crusader 117)" 45.

This is an Australian release on Ascot, and it's anybodies guess how it made it to the otherside of the world.....Also recieved a US release (Crusader 121).

Friday, 4 July 2008

Mongrels - Funny Day/Good Good Man

Mongrels - Funny Day/Good Good Man (Nico 107. 1969)

Flip side was comped on Heavy Dose Of Lyte Psych, but top side is uncomped and is a cool and catchy upbeat pop-psycher which I dig more than the b-side.

The Mongrels hailed from Winnipeg and released numerous 45s on several labels. Funny Day recieved a review on American Bandstand and was a minor regional hit. Lead singer Joey Gregorash went on to become a popular Canadian entertainer.

Revalations - Little Blue Ship / Love Can Be So Beautiful

Revalations - Little Blue Ship / Love Can Be So Beautiful (Taurus 106)

Thanks to Frank Kielb here's the story of the band;

Story of the recording session : March 17, 1970 (Tuesday) :
Concerning the record label : (It had a few errors) They misspelled the name on the record label. (They had Revalations, it was REVELATIONS)
Side A was “LITTLE BLUE SHIP” which I co-wrote with Jay Gullo – The authors were reversed. SIDE “A” should be Frank Kielb & Jay Gullo as the song writers
Side “B is “LOVE CAN BE SO BEAUTIFUL” which I co-wrote with Kenny Price. The authors for SIDE “B” should be Frank Kielb and Kenny Price.
* Confusing but no big deal. It happened a lot in those days. There was not much attention to detail or accuracy

Concerning “JAMES TESTER” – he is listed as the “producer” on the label. He approached myself and the band in the late 1969 to record with Capitol Records stating that the songs would be released on the TARUS LABEL which was distributed by CAPITOL. He came to hear the band once or twice. We paid him $600.00 and he “never” produced the songs. He was not even in the studio when we recorded.

We recorded the Four (4) songs on Tuesday, March 17, 1970 at CAPITOL’S “A” Studio : I produced the songs. I was young, inexperienced and knew little of what I was doing but made it thru.

We drove to NYC on Monday, March 16, 1970. Got stopped by the New Jersey State Police. They searched our VW bus, made us take out all of the equipment and went through everything including luggage.

It was a very windy day and as they searched my luggage, I remember my cloths blowing all over the “Jersey Turnpike” ! When I protested, the police said “would you like us to take you and your friends for a “hair cut” ?

* The police in those days stopped a lot of vehicles just if the occupants had long hair.They found nothing and let us go. Stayed overnight in NYC and reported to the studio at 10:00 am the next morning.

Got held up the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade and were almost late getting to the studio. While we went inside to register, thieves broke into our VW Bus and stole most of our equipment.

We found a music store, rented some gear and started the session One (1) hour late. By then we were not in the right mindset to record and the recordings reflect this.

They were not up to how the band usually recorded. The REVELATIONS recorded Four (4) songs that day : LITTLE BLUE SHIP, LOVE CAN BE SO BEAUTIFUL, AYE 95 (Later to become the I-95 song) and JUST KNOWING : SHE’S NOT AROUND

HISTORY of the band :
* I started out playing Trumpet in various local bands in the 50’s. When I finally saved enough money, I bought a guitar, continuing to play in local bands. My first real band experience came in 1961.

In 1961, I was attending college at the State University of New York located in Oswego, New York on the shores of Lake Ontario. I formed a band called the DEVIL’S FIVE with Myself (Frank Kielb) on Guitar & Vocals, Dave Kelly – Bass/vocals, George Olin – Drums and Barry Kogan – Piano/Vocals. (John Merenda – Guitar/Vocals was in the band briefly) Jay Gullo arrived and enrolled at SUNY later that semester. He was an experienced Lead Singer/Trumpet and auditioned for the band. Jay joined as Lead Singer, I changed the name of the band to the REVELATIONS and added John Livosi, another experienced musician on Drums/Vocals.

With the REVELATIONS line up complete, the band quickly became very successful and in demand playing frat parties, college functions, Syracuse University, all of the Ivy League Colleges and many bars and night clubs.

The band also did a lot of TV shows. Eventually Barry Kogan left to go to another school and was replaced by Jimmy Losurdo – Guitar. All of the members graduated from SUNY, mostly with straight A grades while continuing to play with the band. At times with various member changes. From 1961 to 1967, The REVELATIONS recorded many originals and covers including FEVER (Instrumental), JUST HELLO and SINNER MAN in 1964.

In 1967, the band decided to relocate in Philadelphia, PA because it was better market for the band to be based in. We all got day jobs teaching school and worked on conquering the Philadelphia Tri- State area.

In the summer of 1968 we were contacted by Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett as they wanted to hear our originals. Bendinelli and Lovett already had many bands with charted hits. Lovett had ties to Motown and eventually went to work there full time. They took us into Cameo-Parkway studios and we recorded Two (2) originals, POETRY OF RAINDROPS and GOING DOWN TO SOUL CITY. The record did well but created unrest in the band. They changed the name and the concept of the band. Jay Gullo left to pursue a solo career. I reformed the band with myself (Frank Kielb) on Guitar, Kenny Price on Drums and Vocals, Paul Seivard on Bass and Vocals and Bill Middleton on Keys and Vocals.

* This was the lineup that did the 1970 recording session. In 1970 I became a Booking Agent/Band Leader for CONTINENTAL ARTISTS. That was definitely a learning experience. The REVELATIONS continued until 1972. I was restless, left Continental Artists and disbanded the group. I went to AQUARIUS BOOKING AGENCY as a Booking Agent/ Band Leader. I started my new band The Barbusters, eventually to become CLYDE BARROW and the Legendary BARBUSTERS. This was my best and strongest band. We made some great albums and records.

Chip Taylor - You Should Be From Monterey

Chip Taylor - You Should Be From Monterey (Rainy Day 8002. 1968)

Chip is of course best known as the man behind Wild Thing. This groovy 45 is perfectly uplifting for these rainy dreary English Summer days.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Astronauts - My Sin Is My Pride

Astronauts - My Sin Is My Pride (RCA 47-8499. 1965)

Most folks will be familiar with the Astronauts from their early surf releases. During the mid-sixties the band put plenty of cool beat and folk 45s, including this, the flip of Almost Grown.

Bobby Bond - Honey, You've Been On My Mind / You've Got Time

Bobby Bond - Honey, You've Been On My Mind / You've Got Time (Wand 1102)

More to come from Guy Darrell, but in the meantime lets head back over the pond for a bit of US folk rock.

I've no info on Bobby Bond, I've seen a few other 45s listed but not sure if its the same person. Two cool folk rockers, very much in the Beau Brummels mould.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Guy Darrell - Birds Of A Feather/Keep The Rain From my Door

Guy Darrell - Birds Of A Feather/Keep The Rain From my Door (Page One POF 141. 1969)

Here's somebody I'd love to know more about.

Guy cut a couple of 45s for Oriole in the early 60s as "Guy Darrell and the Midnighters", then release 5 cool 45s for CBS. He scored a minor hit with the blue eyed tinged "I've Been Hurt/Blessed", which recieved a re-issue and much bigger success in the 70's on Santa Ponsa. After leaving CBS he went on to release singles for Pye, Picadilly (including the blistering "Evil Woman"), before moving onto Page One billed as the Guy Darrelll Syndicate. Around 1969 he formed Deep Feeling and went on to release several singles and an album, before reverting back to a solo career in the 70s, having some success in Europe.

He went under the name of John Swail while playing for Deep Feeling and I'm unclear whether his real name was Guy Darrell or John Swail, anyone?

I've yet to find a bad Guy Darrell 45 from the 60s. He had a cool mixture of pop, psych, mod and soul. I'm on the look out for copies of his Oriole, Page One and Pye singles, drop me a line if you can help.

This single is his first for Page One and contains some great catchy 60s mod pop includig the Joe South penned Keep The Rain From My Door.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Paul Jones - And The Sun Will Shine / The Dog Presides

Paul Jones - And The Sun Will Shine/The Dog Presides (Columbia DB 8379. 1968)

This is probably quite well known to a lot of folks, but was a new one for me. A great double sider from the ex-Mannfred Mann singer. Top side "And The Sun Will Shine" was written by the Gibb brothers and shows its Bee Gee roots. Flip it over and you get Jeff Beck on Guitar, Paul McCartney on Drums, Paul Samwell-Smith on Bass and a great slice of late 60s psych.

Kaplan - Do You Believe In Magic/I Like

Kaplan - Do You Believe In Magic/I Like (Philips BF 1636. 1968)

Known simply as Kaplan for his two recordings in the 60s for Philips, Kaplan Kaye comes from showbiz stock with his father being comedian and actor Davey Kaye, and his sister being actress Melody Kaye. Kaplan started off in acting, performing in Midsummer Night's Dream on stage and in 60s radio drama 'The Dales'.

In the 70s Kaplan worked in an A&R capacity at DJM records, as well as releasing several singles under his own name. He now runs a successful entertainment booking agency.
"Do You Believe In Magic" (not the John Sebastian number) is a catchy piece of upbeat pop psych, while the flip "I Like" is a very cool brooding psych number.

I'm on the hunt for his second single ("I Love It/Trousers Down"), so if you can help please get in touch.

Monday, 19 May 2008


Scotti Passen has kindly been in touch to share his recollection of his time recording as 'Scott' ("Peachnut Brandy" Kent 4533. 1970), you can read the update here.

Phillip & Lee

Duron Davis has kindly been in touch regarding his time playing with "Phillip & Lee". You can read it here.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Torquays - Even The Wind/I'll Never Forget

Torquays - Even The Wind/I'll Never Forget (Tee Pee 2952)

Let's carry on the pop theme with this 45 for the Torquays. Tee Pee was based out of Wisconsin, but I don't know if the band were WI based.

US Males - Come Out Of The Rain/Open Up Your Heart

US Males - Come Out Of The Rain/Open Up Your Heart (Britannia 101. 1968)
From out of Houston, the US Males were previously known as The Coastliners (who's punker 'Alright' I blogged a while back, here).

Great upbeat pop topped off with some groovy yellow wax!

Sojourners - Sun Summer Days / La Da Dee (Can You See)

Sojourners - Sun Summer Days / La Da Dee (Can You See) (Suemi 4559. 1969)

Here's some cool sunshine pop out of El Paso.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Hot Dog Stand - C'mon The Summer's Happening / Zilch

Hot Dog Stand - C'mon The Summer's Happening / Zilch (Mala 12014. 1968)

And it actually feels like summer is finally on the way. Hurrah. Great sunshine pop backed with very cool instrumental

Surdy Greebus - Nothing New Under The Sun / Red Room

Surdy Greebus - Nothing New Under The Sun / Red Room (Josie 983)

Here's some more groovy pop, backed with a slightly odder B-Side. Not really psych, not really pop, but cool all the same.

Smithsonian Institute - Dream For Tomorrow / Boston Bay

Smithsonian Institute - Dream For Tomorrow / Boston Bay (Tamborine 45-5. 1968)

No time for any research into these disks at the moment (anyone want to volunteer for research duties??).....Here's some groovy pop from out of Tennessee.

Friday, 25 April 2008

One Way Street - Yard Dog

One Way Street - Yard Dog (Apollo 217-2139. 1966)

One last 45 for today, and the second with a picture of the wrong label.... From Louisiana, this was a moderate local hit and was later picked up by Smash for national distribution.

Royal Family - Don't You Even Want To Know

Royal Family - Don't You Even Want To Know (Apex. 76971. 1965)

A sloppy, but cool, beat number.

The Union - Love??

The Union - Love?? (Radel 109. 1967)

Out of Houston, Texas. A great droning 45.

Minets of England - Wake Up / My Love Is Yours

Minets of England - Wake Up / My Love Is Yours (DCP 1129. 1965)

The Minets were formed by George Warne. George was from the UK, but went out to Boston after he graduated from university, along with some friends. They cut a deal with the guy who owned Ceasers Montecello and released several 45s, including this one on Sinatra's producer Don Costa's label. They achieved some minor chart success locally, but were a very popular local band. Unfortunately the band had to return to England as they had been in the US long enough to be eligable for the draft and the girlfriends back home didn't want that..

thanks to Matthew Warne for the update

My Love Is Yours

Wake Up

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Gibsons - The Magic Book

The Gibsons - The Magic Book (Deram 8508. 1967)

Band members John Kaye & Geoff Dart have kindly been in touch to share some information on The Gibsons.

John's Comments are in black, Geoff's in red.

We started as a trio in Melbourne early 60’s called the Hi Fi’s. Geoff Dart and John Rigby (deceased). We did many TV shows then moved to Sydney where all the work was. We gained a recording contract with RCA Victor, changed our name to “The Cicadas” and jumped on the Beatle Bandwagon with a song called “That’s What I Want”.

Hit #1 in Brisbane and #5 in Sydney . The stadium show that Jack mention was “The Billy J Kramer Tour”. Show included, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Robbie Gee and The Cicadas. We literally toured the whole of Australia and New Zealand in two weeks. Sydney Stadium (2 nights), Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland, Nelson, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

We moved to England end of 1964 and signed with Phillip & Dorothy Solomon, Manager of the Bachelors. He gave us a recording contract with his new label “Major Minor” and we changed our name to “The Gibsons” (Cicadas were unknown in UK).

We changed our name to “The Gibsons” for the sole reason that if we were successful we might be given free Gibson guitars, which were considered the best in the world.

A recording session was booked at CBS studios and the song “Anytime” which I had written, chosen as the main “A side”. Tommy Scott, a well know recording A&R man, employed by Philip Solomon was assigned to produce the record. It was amazing how fast things were now happening.

The recording was made and set for release. The group was booked into “The Astor Club” a famous club in London. We were outfitted in Soho for expensive new suits, shirts and footwear. Sent to a famous hair salon for hair grooming, and received choreograph tuition for stage movement and presentation.

We returned to London and went back into the recording studios to cut our next record. It was a song called “Come Summertime”. The song had been written by Tom Springfield of the “Springfields”. The song had a Beach Boys feel, and the lyrics were very suitable to the Australian way of life. But again we had no success. The record failed to make any headway at all. So we went back on the club circuit again.

Phillip Solomon immediately brought the group back to London to refit suits for Paul and arrange photo sessions. He also negotiated a new record deal with Decca Records and we were contracted to a new label called “Deram Records”. We went into the Decca recording studios and recorded our first record on the new label. The song was “Two Kind of Lovers”. It didn’t make the charts but got some good airplay. The group then returned up north back into the clubs with this brand new look and sound.

Once again we went back into the recording studios in London to record our next record. We had been given a new song, written by songwriters Greenway and Cook. The song was called “The Magic Book”. It was a very simple song in its construction and had a very catchy “LA LA LA” chorus.

When we recorded ‘Magic Book” the group consisted of Geoff Dart, Paul Stevens, (who lives in Southport UK) John Bromell and myself.

When we went into the recording studio, there was a 20 odd piece orchestra waiting to do the accompaniment. This orchestra was made up of some of the best musicians in the country, which was the case in most recording sessions. Arthur Greenslade was the conductor and he had penned a very nice arrangement of the song for the orchestra.

On the first take of the recording, it was quite obvious that the arrangement was a bit complicated for the type of song. No matter how many times we did it, it always came out very busy. Arthur Greenslade decided to let most of the orchestra leave, and only retained two French horn players, lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, percussionist and drummer. He re-arranged the music for this number of musicians, and we re- recorded the song.

The difference was unbelievable. The song had a completely new feel about it, and the result was very pleasing. The record producer “Dick Rowe” who by the way, was the producer who had famously been the one who had knocked back the Beatles, decided that this was the final product and the song was ‘In the can”.

For a “B” side we recorded a song which I had written in conjunction with John Rigby titled “Hey Girl”. We left the studio confident we had a pretty good record.

We did many radio shows, “Jimmy Young” “Music through Midnight”, television shows, “Blue Peter” “6.05 Special” “Simon Dee Show” many working men’s clubs and social clubs, many American bases throughout England, Europe and North Africa, and had a few changes to the group.

In 1968, Geoffs’ wife Pam and Gaye joined the group making us Two Boys and Two Girls. This opened up a whole new area of venues. Summer shows at Great Yarmouth, Jersey, Blackpool Opera House, Gaiety Theatre Ayr, Pavilion Theatre Glasgow and the Andy Stewart Christmas Show, Aberdeen.

We returned to Australia at the end of 1970 after 6 fantastic years without much money but immeasurable memories and experiences. Gaye & I continued on in the business as a duo (Gaye & Johnny Kaye), working the club scene throughout Australia and West Coast USA . We still see much of our dear friends Geoff & Pam (Bro & Sis) and relive the great moments we shared together.

The Nerve - Piece by Piece / Satisfying Kind

The Nerve - Piece by Piece / Satisfying Kind (Page One 097. 1968)

Here's a 45 I've been really digging lately. Produced by Reg Preseley this is the Hampshire bands final 45 release. "Piece by Piece" is a cool brassy pop number, while "Satisfying Kind" is a very catchy piece of mod-beat.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Poor Boys - I Will Be Free

Poor Boys - I Will Be Free (General American. 005)

Thanks to Bob Nigg & Gary Graham

Guitar and Vocals: Gary Graham
Guitar and Vocals: Eldon Freese
Bass and Vocals: Bob Nigg
Drums and Vocals: Tom West

Live at PJ's

The Poor Boys was formed when Bob Nigg and I left the group called the Spartans because of artistic differences but no hard feelings.

We had a man by the name of John Herring who was working with Trini Lopez at the time that wanted to manage us and we were excited. John had a lot of connections with clubs recording companys etc. I ll never forget John calling me three days after we signed on and telling me that he had us a job that started on monday and I had to set down when he told me that it was the Whiskey a go go in Holly Wood. You have to remember that I was just a country boy from a very small town in missouri (Lake Ozark) and wasnt even old enough to go to the Whiskey let alone work there.

I ll never forget the first night we worked there, I was up on the balcony and looked down on the crowd and all I could see was Movie stars the likes of Steve McQueen Jayne Mansfield Anthony Quinn and well you get the picture. Nervous to the point of shaking I went on stage and Bob said to me he would be playing the bass behind me and if I were you I would strongly recommend you get out there and sing your ass off. Fortunately I had a strong southern accent and the people loved to hear me talk and were amazed that i didnt sing like i talked. When Johnny Rivers returned we went to PJs on santa monica blvd. and enjoyed a eight and half month stand that resulted in the record deal, movie deal and a lot memories. We took a lot of celebs with us from the whiskey.

we did a movie at 20th century fox with Ed Wynn . It was called Your Only Young Twice. We also did a special with Robert Stack and Connie Stevens called This is Hollywood. We only worked the Whiskey and PJs as that was part of our contract with Paul Raffles and Elmer Valentine. It was quite a time in our lives as all of a sudden we were in the midst of people that we all had idolized. Just to name a few (Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Annette Funicello, Roger Miller, Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Bros. Elvis, Rick Nelson and the list goes on. I actually became friends with most. At that particular time those two clubs were the focal point of Hollywood. Imagine the Bobby Fuller Four and the Standells working on our nights off. Groups would actually beg to work there because it was the place where record execs and movie makers hung out. I remember one night i was singing a song and all of a sudden there was piano and damn good piano playing going on and i turned and looked back to where the house piano was and lo and behold it was Bobby Darin playing and singing right along with us.

We even had Bobby Darin sit in with us and the last night Sam Cooke was alive was spent with us and what a shock it was to wake up see those headlines and regardless of what any one says Sam was not drunk when i shook his hand and got him a taxi, my bass player and friend Bob was right there too. After PJs we were off to Las Vegas and after about two weeks there we got the news about the record delivered to us by Bobby Fuller of I Fought The Law and on the following monday we get the notice that Bob had been drafted.

We recorded that record in 1964 and released it in 1965. I Will Be Free got a lot of air play and was picked to it by Dick Clark on American Bandstand. Unfortunately, the record company was sued by CBS and all of their recordings, including ours, Linda Ronstadt’s and Chad & Jeremy were confiscated. That was basically the end of that record. I have heard it a lot over the years. Still love that song. It was recorded at United Recording, Hollywood, California.