Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The New Directions

Here's a couple of cool psych 45s from The New Directions out of Virginia Beach, VA. They recorded at least two 45s and an instrumental version of Springtime Lady crops up on Vol.1 of the always cool 'Aliens, Psychos and Wild Things' series.
The first 45 features some nice West Coast style psych, back with Cream cover. The second 45 kicks off with a nice pop-psych number and then throws up an over the top cover of Them Changes.

Springtime Lady / SWLABR (Nottingham Disc Company 850. 1969)

Lalena / Them Changes (Nottinghan Disc Company 50104. 1970)


Kurt said...

Their first 45 is really impressive: both sides are quite strong. The second is pretty good, but let's face it: by 1970 most pop music wasn't sounding so hot.

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks a lot for all that gem! your single collection must be amazing!! I'm looking for 1 item, maybe you have: The Uniques - Shadow Of Love +B Side (i dont know the track name). You can contact me at

Psyence Guy said...

Thanks. I'll have to look into this band more since I'm from the Va Beach area.

Anonymous said...

Lalena is a cover of a Donovan song.