Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Phillip & Lee - She Belongs To Me/Box Top

Phillip & Lee - She Belongs To Me/Box Top (Bomar 5005)

I love garage covers of Dylan songs, I'm a sucker for them. The more ramshackled the better.

I don't know anything about this one. It's on a Pittsburgh label and I believe Bomar may be better known for soul/RnB 45's (?). Cool flip side as well. I assume Phillip & Lee were the singers, anyone know who the backup are?


Duron Davis played with the band in the 60s and has kindly shared a bit more information:

I don't remember Phillip's last name but I knew Lee Ayers very well. He lived in Harrison City, PA. He and I attended the ultra-religious Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. I had a clandestine folk group there that included film maker Philip Courter, Don Nixon and myself. Lee would always show up at our practices. Some months after I got kicked out of there (and maybe Lee did too) Lee invited me up to Pittsburg to play in their group. At the time they were a folk group but were morphing into a more Beatles style of music. The new group name was Phillip, Lee and the Parliaments.

The Bomar record was produced by Jimmy Interval, a well known Pittsburg night club singer. He had signed Phillip & Lee to a recording contract and this was their first release. When I arrived they were just getting their first copies. I played with them four to five months. We did a Jerry Lewis Telethon but else happened that moved us forward.


Dgrador said...

I've been off in Pebblesland for two weeks. Danged if I know about backup right now.

Wobby said...

Phillip's last name is Gilkey.

Pete Oddo said...

The back up is Richard Hudson-Bass Guitar,and
Wayne Hoffman -Drums.
I used to hear them practice in Richs Basement.
and there was another time.Can't remember the kids name,but it was a
building between Irwin and Jeannette.That sold those little travel trailers/campers.
Singers were Lee Ayers?? don't know about phillip.