Friday, 1 February 2008

Scott - Peachnut Brandy

Scott - Peachnut Brandy (Kent 4533. 1970)

Scotti Passen started taking piano lessons at 5 years old and in 1963 aged 10, met Scott Krane at High School in Hollywood. Scott taught Scotti guitar and soon they started writing and playing songs together, with Scotti moving to organ and piano in the band a year later. Aged just 12 and in the grips of Beatlemania, Scotti & Scott cut their first demo.

The duo regularly played dances throughout the Hollywood area, performing with a back-up band. As the 60s moved on they become more influenced by the heavier sounds of Steppenwolf, The Doors and the Rascals.

At 16 they scored their first record deal with Cadet (Kent) through legendary R&B producers and Modern Records founders Saul and Jules Bihari. Their sole 45 release at the time coupled two originals “Peachnut Brandy” and “Miss America”, with Scott and Scotti playing all the instruments. Unfortunately the 45 bombed and only sold in the region of 500 copies.

Not to be deterred for the next few years they continued to gig around LA, until 1974 when they headed out to Tokyo looking to score a lead on a record deal with Victor Records. After some success they returned to LA they once again hooked up with Kent Records, recording two albums, both of which have yet to see the light of day.

Despite plugging away the big break never came their way and in the early 90s Scotti took on the management of a rejuvenated Crabby Appleton as well as backing up Spencer Davis during some LA gigs.

Scott passed away a few years back but Scotti, now free from the Hollywood excesses and living in Florida, continues to play music the local church.

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