Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Nomads - I (Need Your Love) / Please Be True

Nomads - I (Need Your Love)/Please Be True (Samter 216. 1966)

This one isn't from Canada...This bunch of Nomads were possibly from Lousiana and cut this sole garage pounder, with a bit of jangle, for the Samter label. A different bunch of Nomads to those who cut I Need Your Love for the Discotech label.


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

hey man ! ! great blog ! ! i have just discovered this fine beauty !! really great ! ! if you want i also have a couple of singles of the 60s ... like Redwoods, a lot of Surf Rock Singles, Beat, Garage and Classic ones from the early 60s, if you want i can send em to you

Great Job.. I ll link you in my blog...
Pablo Pochola From Argentina

Anonymous said...

Just for reference:

Samter 213 - Russ Wayne (aka Joe Clay) - "Can't Get You Out Of My Mind / Don't Know What To Do"
Samter 214 - Russ Wayne (aka Joe Clay) - "Love You / My Heart Loves Only You"
Samter 215 - Joe Clay - "I Get So Blue / My Little Darlin'"

Samter 217 - John Henry III - "Mathilda / Baby Hurry Home"