Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Floro Brothers

Here's the top sides of 2 45's out of San Gabriel, LA. You've guess it, I don't know who the Floro Brothers are...'Tomorrow' is a quirky and infectious little garage popper, while 'Trend Of The Times' is a cool moody psych tinged protest number.

Tomorrow (Is Going To Be Me Without You) (Kangaroo 33. 1968)

The Trend Of The Times (Kangaroo 34. 1968)


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for information on old records,you might try to google the name of the band,along with the label,and also having old comps of 60's bands around helps too. I have some Crude PA comp,and sometimes that band would appear on it,they're from that area.
But,sometimes the google search can be wrong though,so you have to try other search methods.Try garage sites like Ugly Things magazine,they have a large amount of re-issue comps,that tend to help too. Maybe another band was on the Kangaroo label,so that helps a lot.It's hard to do.
I guess Mop Top Mike is putting out some kind of 60's garage book,well he's talking about it. Books help a lot. I have a few;
like Savage Lost-Florida Garage Bands By Jeffrey Lemlich,then there's books on Wisconsin garage bands too,two of them by Gary Myers,and he has a website too.
Those books are really worthwhile.
They really help out.Now,somneone's gotta write one about Michigan bands,for sure, and many other states are sadly not written about. Also do a web search of states,because they might have a small fan based site for the bands in their area. It's hard work,but then,you get smarter with time,and you see a lot more bands,on the same labels,and start remembering them...but one problem;every state had a band named The Outcasts! So,you'll have to catagorize them by state! It's nuts! Twilightzone is got a lot of info,of bands,labels,and even the label/catalog numbers,and that helps a lot.It clears up a lot of questions,because a lot of people are making comments,and adding their knowledge.

jeff said...

hafta take "the trend of the times" over "tomorrow", but both are pretty cool. thanks much!

Jeff Floro said...

This is Jeff Floro, of the Floro Brothers! I recorded this with my brother back in 1968. Trend of the Times was the first song I ever wrote. I am glad you all liked it. Check out the FLO Guitar-Enthusiasts facebook page for more info on what I am up to. Wow. Made my day!

Anonymous said...

My name is Jeff Floro, and my brother, Jerry, and I recorded these two songs. They were recorded in November 1967 at Ted Brinson's studios in Los Angeles. Jerry played drums and the Cordovox organ/accordion. I played guitar. We had a studio bassist for the tracks, but I don't remember his name. There is actually an earlier recording of Tomorrow on Discovery Records, but we redid it as a B side to Train of Happiness. We did another record for Kangaroo after this. One song was Trend of the Times, which I wrote with Carl Jones, our arranger on all of these recordings. He was also our vocal coach and he was originally in the Delta Rhythm Boys. Trend of the Times was the B side to Laugh, the main song on the second record. I was really surprised to see you mention them here! Let me know if you have any other questions.