Monday, 4 August 2008

King Charles and The Counts - I Don't Wanna Cry

King Charles and The Counts - I Don't Wanna Cry (Astor 7059)

I love my folk punking 45s and here's a great one from King Charles & The Counts. I think the band were from the PNW and "King Charles" was in fact Charlie Bieker, who also played with Easy Chair. They also released the great "It's True It's You/Salt 'N' Pepper (Crusader 117)" 45.

This is an Australian release on Ascot, and it's anybodies guess how it made it to the otherside of the world.....Also recieved a US release (Crusader 121).


Anonymous said...

Wow! Found this site by chance. Charles and the band were from Pocatello, Idaho. I had the fun to play with Charles in a band in 1967 and we were friends to his death. I miss him so much. I had a 45 of the 'Counts' but lost it somewhere, to my dismay. Where could I get a recording of this record? I can be reached through Thanks again for your site.

Anonymous said...

Great song. I'm surprised that it's not on a comp. Anyway great find, Thanks so much for sharing this lost gem. The Fugitives and the Dolphins 45's blew me away as well.

Anonymous said...

Just checking back in. Love the photo: Charles, lead guitarist/ lead singer, is in front, Steve Eaton, quitarist, and noted songwriterwit his own website, is on the left, Al or don Kuta is in the middle (bass), and I don't know the drummer's name. Fun days. Take care. Keep in touch:

Anonymous said...

Drummer's name was Corwin Tolman