Thursday, 13 November 2008

RIP Mitch Mitchell

Sad news this morning that Mitch Mitchell has now departed. I was obsessed with The Jimi Hendrix Experience as a teenager and Mitch has always been my favourite drummer, he also always seemed like a thoroughly nice chap. Sadly now all the Experience are gone, along with Buddy Miles.


Anonymous said...

Do you have 1967’s "Willy Nilly Wonder of Illusion" from "The Back Porch Majority"? Or complete "M.C.2" 45s on Warners? Or CD from 1968 album "They Came In Peace" MC2's (MC Squared)?

Your reader JohnTBerg ( all the tracks, but still need instrumental flip side Or Something.

The rest of us needs many more...

Anonymous said...

OH NO!! Im a drummer too and mitch was an idol of mine, thought he'd be around along long time. Do you know what he died of? I'm very sad to hear this. Our Rock idols are all fallin' by the way side...regards,SAD John.