Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Phillip & Lee - She Belongs To Me/Box Top

Phillip & Lee - She Belongs To Me/Box Top (Bomar 5005)

I love garage covers of Dylan songs, I'm a sucker for them. The more ramshackled the better.

I don't know anything about this one. It's on a Pittsburgh label and I believe Bomar may be better known for soul/RnB 45's (?). Cool flip side as well. I assume Phillip & Lee were the singers, anyone know who the backup are?


Duron Davis played with the band in the 60s and has kindly shared a bit more information:

I don't remember Phillip's last name but I knew Lee Ayers very well. He lived in Harrison City, PA. He and I attended the ultra-religious Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. I had a clandestine folk group there that included film maker Philip Courter, Don Nixon and myself. Lee would always show up at our practices. Some months after I got kicked out of there (and maybe Lee did too) Lee invited me up to Pittsburg to play in their group. At the time they were a folk group but were morphing into a more Beatles style of music. The new group name was Phillip, Lee and the Parliaments.

The Bomar record was produced by Jimmy Interval, a well known Pittsburg night club singer. He had signed Phillip & Lee to a recording contract and this was their first release. When I arrived they were just getting their first copies. I played with them four to five months. We did a Jerry Lewis Telethon but else happened that moved us forward.

The Plunkers - Hippy Lippy Goosey/Night Time Love

The Plunkers - Hippy Lippy Goosey/Night Time Love (HBR 479. 1966)

Most probably an LA band and produced by John Marascalco, who was co-writer of "Good Golly, Miss Molly". This also recieved an Australian release on Astor.

Borderline mentions that these two songs were also recorded by the Liverpool Five. Does anyone know if this is correct??