Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Nomads - I (Need Your Love) / Please Be True

Nomads - I (Need Your Love)/Please Be True (Samter 216. 1966)

This one isn't from Canada...This bunch of Nomads were possibly from Lousiana and cut this sole garage pounder, with a bit of jangle, for the Samter label. A different bunch of Nomads to those who cut I Need Your Love for the Discotech label.

Eastern Passage - I Could Make You Fall In Love / I Feel So Fine

Eastern Passage - I Could Make You Fall In Love/I Feel So Fine (Zoo 5001. 1968)

From Ottawa this exotic sounding band don't quite live up to what you'd expect, but do offer a couple of cool garage poppers, with pretty cool guitar on I Feel So Fine.

Lloyd and The Village Squires - Baby Be Mine / Hear What I Say

Lloyd and The Village Squires - Baby Be Mine/Hear What I Say (Jubilee 5513. 1966)

Let's head over to Canada for a couple of posts. This bunch were from Montreal and cut one pop 45 on RCA before this cool beat 45.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Steve Akin - I'm Trippin' Alone / It's Heavy

Steve Akin - I'm Trippin' Alone/It's Heavy (Ash 2002. 1970)
This is probably a familiar 45 to most folks, but its such a cool single there is no harm in posting it again, plus here's a bit of info on Steve that maybe be new to some of you.

Steve Akin came out of Houston, Texas and his recording legacy consists of two 45s for the small Ash label. With Steve on Guitar, Bill Ditto on Bass, Ed Starkey on Guitar and Bobby Prater & Paul Hughes variously on the drum stool they played through Houston under the names The Incredible Watt, Elementary Delusion and Nowhere Men. The band shared the bill with The Sound Investment, who were currently riding high with their hit Don't Stop The Carnival, and blew them off the stage, quite literally. Armed with Vox Super Beatle amps cranked up to 10 and smoke bombs billowing smoke uncontrollably off the stage the band managed to piss off most of those in attendance, including innocent parties in the adjoining luncheon room.

Steve Akin cut quite an impressive figure being a chunky 5ft 6in with curly blonde hair. By all accounts he was a playboy lovin', pot smoking, fearless, trash talking, hedonistic free spirit, who lived life to the full. He was known on occasion to tell the whoever was in the passenger seat to take over the driving while he leapt from the moving car into a hot girls passing car. Always with his guitar, a blonde Rickenbacker 360 played through a Vox Beatle, he had a love of Soul and R&B. Always one to speak his mind and with no tact for authority, Ed Starkey describes him as "one of the most free living individuals God ever let loose. It was all about him and he still made you love him & laugh."

Akin cut two 45s for Ash: "Baby You're A Habit I Gotta Break/Take Your Time (Ash A-2001. 1969)" & "It's Heavy/I'm Trippin' Alone (Ash A-2002. 1970)". I've yet to hear the first 45, but by all accounts its more in the blues rock vein than the superb psychedelic hippie rock of the second 45. Incidentally the address listed on the label for Ash records (9300 Conger St, Houston) was Steve's home at the time.

Ed was taking his tour of Vietnam at the time Steve recorded the 45s, but Bill Ditto played Bass on the disk. I'm unsure the other personnel. Bill unfortunately passed away in 2005.

Steve Akin was last spotted working as a channel pilot for the Houston Ship Channel.