Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Guy Darrell - Birds Of A Feather/Keep The Rain From my Door

Guy Darrell - Birds Of A Feather/Keep The Rain From my Door (Page One POF 141. 1969)

Here's somebody I'd love to know more about.

Guy cut a couple of 45s for Oriole in the early 60s as "Guy Darrell and the Midnighters", then release 5 cool 45s for CBS. He scored a minor hit with the blue eyed tinged "I've Been Hurt/Blessed", which recieved a re-issue and much bigger success in the 70's on Santa Ponsa. After leaving CBS he went on to release singles for Pye, Picadilly (including the blistering "Evil Woman"), before moving onto Page One billed as the Guy Darrelll Syndicate. Around 1969 he formed Deep Feeling and went on to release several singles and an album, before reverting back to a solo career in the 70s, having some success in Europe.

He went under the name of John Swail while playing for Deep Feeling and I'm unclear whether his real name was Guy Darrell or John Swail, anyone?

I've yet to find a bad Guy Darrell 45 from the 60s. He had a cool mixture of pop, psych, mod and soul. I'm on the look out for copies of his Oriole, Page One and Pye singles, drop me a line if you can help.

This single is his first for Page One and contains some great catchy 60s mod pop includig the Joe South penned Keep The Rain From My Door.