Monday, 5 January 2009

Butch, Peggy and Little John - It Must Be Love

Butch, Peggy and Little John - It Must Be Love (Old Town 1165. 1964)

"Little John" (John Lindemann) has kindly been touch and provided me with some more information on the band:

The band was from Fort Salona, Long Island, NY and made up with three siblings, Butch, Peggy & John Lindemann. John was somewhat overweight at the time, hence the "Little John" nickname.

"It Must Be Love" was recorded 'live in the studio', which is evident in the raw quality. The mean harp blowing is courtesy of Peggy. Both sides of the single were written and produced by a friend-of-a-friend Steve Verroca, who would later produced Link Wray. The bands manager took the demo to Old Town who were suitable impressed and pressed up the single ("It Must Be Love" b/w "Tomorrow Night", Old Town 165. 1964)

This top side "It Must Be Love" is a superb raw harp driven pounder, quite different to a lot of the tamer sounds of the time. Unfortunately this was a one off and the bands sound was better represented by the poppy b-side, Tomorrow Night. The band gigged around the New Jersey area and shared the bill with Neil Sedaka and Bruce Morrow at Palisades Park.

They would release one more 45, "Lucille" on Theme Records, which again was in the same pop style of the Old Town's flip side.


callmekc said...

I like the harmonica action in this song! Thanks for making it available!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you!Do you have the song by the VELVET SEED - 'Sharon Patterson' Thanks

ana-b said...

great song, the heavy bass action is fabulous...

just found your blog...thanks a bunch for the nice tunes..