Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Hi-Noons - It's Our World / Want It To Last

The Hi-Noons - It's Our World / Want It To Last (Hi-Noon 100)

In January of 1970 Mike Lachney had just put out his first recording for Eddie Shuler of Goldband Records ("This Valentine"). He hit the road around South Louisiana promoting the single and during this time met up with Frankie Bordelon, who was a DJ and KVPU in Ville Platte, Louisiana.

Like Mike, Frankie was a budding songwriter, although he was yet to make any recordings. Frankie was managing a band of High School teens from the Ville Platte and Eunice area called the Hi-Noons. Frankie and Mike set about writing a couple of songs for the band and Mike convinced Eddie Shuler of Goldband to record them.

The resulting single was "It's Our World/Want It To Last" (Hi-Noon 100). Despite sounding vintage 66/67 the songs were recorded in September 1970, with the 45 appearing a month later. While being a Goldband recording the record was released on the bands own Hi-Noon label (inspired by the band Rare Earth whose hits were coming out on their namesake label).

The record did well in their own stomping ground of Ville Platte and Eunice, but failed to take off any further afield. After sticking it out for another year, a few line-up changes saw the band re-emerge as Madison Fog, who were active up to the late 70s.


Tom Diehl said...

the A side has only the first 7 seconds posted....

RP said...

Just checked and it downloads and plays fine for me?


Tom Diehl said...

Works for me now... one of my other friends had it only get 7 seconds the first attempted download as well... must've been a server hiccup or something.

Anonymous said...

I don't really know anything about this record, I just picked up a copy of it on ebay. I bought it because I am an avid collector of the Goldband (and its subsidiarys) label out of Lake Charles Louiana and the publisher shown on this record is TEK which is the Goldband publishing arm.

I also see the writer credits for M. Lachney who I expect is Mike Lachney who worked at Goldband for a time and even had a release or two on the ANLA subsidiary of Goldband.

Mike more recently ran "Bad Weather" records in Kinder Louisiana and may still be in operation.

The copy I bought came from England are you in England also?

I am guessing that headman Eddie Shuler let Lachney do a project in the Goldband studio and Shuler had inroads to England in the 60's via Mike Leadbitter and others -- so maybe that is how the record got distribution/promotion over there.

Best Regards,
Bryan Maddox

Anonymous said...

Mike Lachney is my dad and ths song This Valentine was written my mother. Just a little trivia.
Melanie Lachney