Sunday, 18 January 2009

Psych Trail Mix

Be sure you check out the latest issue of Psych Trail Mix. In the age of websites and blogs the good old paper & staple 'zine needs your support!

Issue #3 of Psych Trail Mix is ready to go! This one is a monster folks, 50 pages full of psych to feast your eyes on. It's $3 for all orders within the USA and $5 for International orders. This fee is only to cover the cost to produce the zine and shipping, I'm still not profiting off of it.

I accept paypal as the easiest/safest form of payment, you can send payment to me at: for paypal, or if you'd like to pay another way, please e-mail me at:

Here are thecontents of issue #3 below:

*60's Psych and Beyond Cd Reviews
*DVD and Book Reviews
*Exclusive Interview with Rick Brown of The Misunderstood
*Helios Creed: Legendary Psychedelic Guitarist At Work
*Rant: Snooty SUV Driving Suburbanite Slobs
*Exclusive Interview with Jack Grisham of TSOL
*Show Reviews
*Exclusive Interview with Ian Bruce-Douglas of Ultimate Spinach
*Butthole Surfers Feature
*And much more!