Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Trevor Gordon

Here's a couple of cool pop 45s from Trevor Gordon.

Trevor was from the UK, but made the trip to Australia in the mid-60s, where he became good friends with the Gibb brothers. He released three 45s on Leedon, one of which ("House Without Windows") was recorded with the Bee Gees. He also had his own kids TV show.

In 1967 he returned to the UK to join the band The Marbles with his cousin Graham Bonnet. The band would go on to international fame with Gibb penned and produced material.

Trev put out these two 45s for Pye in late 1966. I'm not sure if these were recorded with any input from Graham Bonnet, and without songwriting credits I don't know if they had any Gibb input. Anybody???

Trevor would go on to record an LP, Alphabet, in 1970 which I'd love to hear if anybody has a rip?

Love Comes and Goes/You're An E-Type (Pye 7N 17113. 1966)

Floating/Everyone Knows (Pye 7N 17168. 1966)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

nice post by this obscure artist. I am a little confused though as my UK Beat bible "Another taste of the forbidden fruit" says that this Trev Gordon had nothing to do with the Marbles line-up. It states that the one from the Marbles is called Trevor Gordon Grunnill, born 19th May 1948 in Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Well, maybe not that important but maybe you have clear information on that.

Cheers Paul "mightybeat"

Tom Diehl said...

Songwriter credits are on the left side of the label, Layng Martine, Jr. first recorded Love Comes And Goes for the Date label, and this is obviously a cover as he wrote the song too.

dayglo said...

I don't get it! I used to be able to download all the songs from this blog, but now I see nothing that is downloadable. Yet, everyone seems to be taking about this music here. I just see empty boxes with no links. How do you make this thing work now.
-Frustrated (dayglo)

RP said...

All the files are now uploaded to Divshare. Divshare allows you to listen online and also download the file. Click on where it says "Divshare" and it should open in another window, then allowing you to download the file. If Divshare is not displaying and you are just getting an empty box then it might be that your browser is blocking it??