Friday, 5 June 2009

Gary Warren - Lucky Guy/Jennifer Please

Gary Warren - Lucky Guy/Jennifer Please (President PT334. 1971)

Here's a catchy piece of pop I've been enjoying a lot lately. Sounds more '68 than '71.

Anyone clue me in on who Gary Warren is??


Anonymous said...

I see why you like this 45 -- it's really good! Unfortunately it was already quite retro by the time it came out. I wonder if it was actually recorded some time before the release date.

Oh, I checked my references and couldn't find out anything about Warren. Given how good both sides of the single are, I'm wondering if it was a pseudonym. I'm betting that the M.McEvoy who cowrote Lucky Guy is the Mike McEvoy who was in a band called Orange Juice about 10 years later.

Anonymous said...

You've got the B side up - and it's not very good either.

Sue Duce said...

I can certainly tell you who he was/is if this is still active.

PeachFuzzForest said...

Yes please, I would love to know more!