Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hugues Aufray

Hugues Aufray

Quick post today...Hugues was a big star in France in the 60s. I picked up a stack up these EPs in a charity shop recently. Unfortunately most were straight pop


Greenockian said...

I was in France last week. On Saturday night there was a tv show called "Graffiti 60" which was a flashback programme of key events and music of the 60's. Although I like French 60's pop (especially Francoise Hardy and Polnareff) I have to say I was impressed by the quality of some of what was shown and by the survival rate of many of the performers compared to USA and UK acts! Hugues Aufray was on and is an articulate and sincere man who gave a lot of credit to Dylan and other key folk acts for raising his consciousness and awareness of the big wide world. I picked up one of his Dylan ep's in Carnac, Brittany years ago - covers of Corrina Corrina, Times are a changin', When the ship comes in - great songs well sung.

Dave Heasman said...

I really like his "Rossignol Anglais"